Sydney Poker League LeaderBoard Update

We played 4 poker games last night with a smaller crew than normal (what with the boys being in Fiji and all!)

NEW LEAGUE ENHANCEMENT: You can now filter the league on a Minimum Number of games – League Minimum Game Filter. This eliminates lucky wins – for example, set the view to 10 on our league and it changes dramatically.

Rod broke a new record and won all 4 games much to everyone’s undisguised disgust. It was Warren’s first poker game here in Australia (he and Turtle are on hols from SA) and he managed 3 2nd places in a row, although it must be said these games were painfully slow for the spectators 😉

The 4 games that were played:

  1. $10 Game – Rod Wins, Warren 2nd
  2. 1st $20 Game – Rod Wins, Warren 2nd
  3. 2st $20 Game – Rod Wins, Warren 2nd
  4. 3rd $20 Game – Rod Wins, Jeff 2nd

and here is the current league scoreboard.

See you next Thurs!


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    September 24, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    I drank a little too much a little to fast . so , by the time the forth game rolled around i was well and truly smashed . otherwise i would have played even slower and forced all others to concede .

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Sydney Poker League – Leaderboard Update

Great tourney last night – here are the scores for each game:

$10 Game 1 – Winner Rodders

$20 Game 1 – Winner Jeff

$20 Game 2 – Winner Davy

Great win by Davy in the last game – he systematically ate my chips (although you got to work on that “I’m bored, I need a fag” tell – far to obvious 😉

Here is the latest league scoreboard… we still need to get Lia to play some more to bring that average down! Special mention to Lee who is clawing back some ground each game – definitely noticed a change in strategy there!


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