Surprise your Partner with a New Set of Poker Chips

Does your partner have poker fever? Do you often catch your girlfriend watching reruns of the World Series of Poker and laughing way too hard at Norman Chad’s jokes? Does your hubby spend endless nights playing poker at buddy’s house? If so, you need to surprise your significant other with a new set of poker chips. Here’s why.

Your Partner Will Play More Games at Home
If you don’t want your significant other running to poker rooms or playing home games all the time, then buy your loved one a set of his or her own chips. Ladies, if you want to keep your man at home, let him host his own game. Sure, there might be messy clean ups, late-night loudness and a variety of other drawbacks, but think of the look on your man’s face when he gets the green light to host is own poker tournament from the comfort of his own home. Who knows, maybe you might even want to join in on the action.

Your Partner Will Become a Better Player
Guys, if you have a girlfriend who just loves poker, and wants to play all the time, surprise her with a new set of poker chips!
These chips could make her play more poker. When she does, she’ll improve her game. Poker is a game that takes a serious amount of practice. If you want to know how to make the right bet in the right situation, or if you just want to familiarize yourself with concepts like pot odds and hand odds, practice is the way to go. The more hands you play, the better you’ll become. If you want your girl to boost her game, get her some new chips.

You Can Increase Your Partner’s Interest in the Game of Poker
If you like poker, but your husband doesn’t, getting him a new set of chips can actually generate interest in the game. Let’s say you play Texas Holdem all the time, but your husband doesn’t want to be bothered by it. He may not want to go along with you to the poker room, but if you get him a new set of chips, he’ll have to take an interest. Many people are intimidated by poker because they don’t have a firm grasp on the rules and nuances of the game. By purchasing poker chips and playing at home, you can create a friendly learning environment. Your husband could start learning the basics in a comfortable atmosphere. Once drawn in, he’ll be hooked in no time!
Everybody loves poker. People who say they don’t, just haven’t had their inherent poker love activated yet. No matter what your significant other thinks of the game, a new set of poker chips is a great surprise gift for your partner. If your boyfriend is a die-hard player, he can play more hands at home. If your lady’s game needs some improvement, a set of poker chips will give her the opportunity to get more practice. If your husband doesn’t even know how to play, poker chips will provide an opportunity for him to learn the basics in friendly home poker games. No matter what your partner’s opinion of poker is, he or she will certainly benefit from a surprise gift of new chips. Don’t be too cheap either. Remember, good poker chips aren’t supposed to look like little Frisbees.


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