If you’re interested in having a regular home poker game, or just practicing up for your appearance on ESPN for the World Series of Poker, you may want to invest in your very own poker table. Here are the different kinds of poker tables you can purchase.

Traditional Poker Tables
The traditional poker table is round (actually slightly octagonal), to accommodate the up to eight players that can reasonably play most poker games, in such a way that each player can easily receive cards and put chips into the middle of the pot. These tables are good if you play a variety of poker games, rather than just community card games like Texas holdem or Omaha. You can get them with a vinyl or nylon surface and in a variety of colors, with green being the most popular but red and blue not too far behind. These tables usually have a ring around the edge where you can put poker chips and refreshments.

Holdem Tables
If Texas holdem is your game, you’re going to want a Texas holdem table. These tables are different from traditional poker tables in that they are oval shaped, to allow ten players to fit at the table, the maximum number that can reasonably play at a single poker table. Some of these tables come with a bumper around the edge, while others may provide an outer ring with drink areas and chip wells.

Poker Table Tops
If you don’t want to dedicate space in your home to a full poker table, you can purchase a folding poker table top for the fraction of the cost of a full table. These table tops have the traditional poker surface, but can be placed right over an existing table. They also conveniently fold away when you are done with them, perfect for a weekly Thursday night poker game.
With any poker table, you also have the option of a folding leg table or one on a pedestal. The pedestal tables are more stable, but harder to stow if you don’t want your poker table out all the time.
If you’re very ambitious, you can even build your own poker table. Many supply stores sell all the components you need to assemble your own poker table. For most of us, however, the many pre-assembled options available are usually enough to recreate all the casino style poker action you need right in your very own home.


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