Sorry for the recent downtime!

I think the majority of the technical issues have now been resolved. Here is a brief technical overview of the problem (warning – nothing to do with poker – purely our of interest 😉

if you have ever moved a site to a new server you’ll know the problems that can occur – my pet hate is the time it takes for a new IP address DNS changes to propagate across the web (usually 2 days or so). This means that during those 2 days some people will be seeing the new site, and the rest will still be on the old site. To make it easier, both sites point at the same database, but there is a 1% chance that if you uploaded something on the old site it may not be on the new site (for example, a Profile photo, or a poker league images… sorry about this.

There were also some issues with remote connections on the SQL database – some idiot hacker was trying to log in as Admin and kept bombarding the SQL server with requests. This eventually causes it to go into overdrive and shut down (taking the PokerDIY site with it!). The problem should now be resolved.

So, to summarise, 3 things:

1) Sorry for the downtime, please forgive us 😉 These are common growing pains in sites (may even be considered a good sign!) Everything should be stable and up and running…

2) PLEASE let us know if there is a problem with the site (email support * at* I would really appreciate this. Also let us know if you are having trouble posting on the Forums, managing your poker league or battling to set up a poker event/game. We don’t always know that there is a bug or problem so we need your help.

3) Give us your feedback about PokerDIY’s performance – is it too slow? Is the homepage too slow?

Much appreciated…


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