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Since the web 2.0 explosion over the last 3 years with the likes of myspace, facebook, Bebo and the like, social networking has taken interaction between likeminded groups and individuals to another level. As this media has expanded it has captured the imagination of many web developers and we can now see media rich websites with player profile videos, hand by hand analysis tools and even videos of the latest poker show streaming from the web.

PokerDIY is one of the largest social networks exclusively for poker players – designed to connect players for home poker games, online tourneys or live poker anywhere in the world…

The strange thing is poker players are normally solitary creatures who don’t want to chat to other players at the tables, let alone about their hands they are playing. So why is there a shift to post your hand histories for other players to dissect and comment on? Well poker has moved on and so has the community that plays it, so much so that if you don’t post on or even read certain forums you are shunned by certain players.

So with so much choice out there, where do you start and do you stick with one site or spread yourself between several? We have picked two other social networking poker sites besides PokerDIY to look over and give you an insight to what is available to you.

Blackbeltpoker is the brain child of Irish Open Winner and VIC playing Neil Channing. The site is a clean and inviting affair, strong bold colours and content that makes you want to spend time reading. Not the normal rehashed articles and poker news you see on other sites.

The premise behind blackbeltpoker is a simple one, you sign up and you are assigned a white belt. Then by contributing to the site with comments, articles and board posts you may move up a grade to green belt etc. with the ultimate goal being to earn a black belt status. The site is in its early stages however it already boasts over 1200 players actively posting. There is a online poker room planned for the near future and this looks like it will be on the iPoker network with a custom skin for blackbeltpoker players.

The community is a friendly one, with posts being sent to “boards” of your current grade of belt. Like most social working sites you can add friends to your profile and follow “how they are running” via status updates, as well as their board posts. The best way to get the feel of the site is to post often with constructive questions or answers to posts. Also there are the odd player created tournament played on pokerstars, where you can play against any level of belt and trade stories afterwards.

With Neil Channing and other pros in Vegas, blogging to the site about their WSOP news, it gives you a great insight into the lives’ of professional poker players. Also With articles and interviews being posted throughout the week this site is going to go from strength the strength and makes it the place to be if you are a European poker player.

Pokerspace has been created to fill the gap between myspace and facebook for poker players. The site is clean and crisp with

all of the different areas clearly defined. It caters to all levels of poker players and all types of games be it cash, limit or no limit.

There is a mixture of both user created and site created content in the form of interviews, videos, hand rankings, blogs and forum based posts. Referrals are also readily available with many poker rooms having special offers if you signup via pokerspace and you can also earn PS points as a result. Some of these are rakeback based and some are matching deposits up to 100% and so on. These are not intrusive and after a while you zone out on them when reading through the posts and other content.

The school section is a great addition to the site and will allow you to move up the ranks buy taking course quizzes. These can be based on any poker related topic from bankroll management to calculating pot odds. These are all there to help you tone your game to the best it can be.

Just like the other poker networking sites you can add “buddies” to your profile and share status updates and postings with them. Another addition to the buddy system is you can create a “poker crew” and other groups with your buddies, here you can enter pokerspace’s own crew cups where you can play as a team for trips to Vegas, Canada and the like.

One of the other draws of pokerspace is the chance to earn PS points, to use on the site. These are accrued by posting blogs, answering poker related puzzles / school quizzes and taking part in surveys. The PS points can then be spent in a varity of ways, these include t-shits, duffelbags and even poker training sessions

Overall pokerspace is a great site with over 40,000 users, from all different ranges of skill levels. Also with a new VIP program being implemented soon its a great time to log on and get posting or even great a crew.


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