Sit & Go Poker Freeroll Strategy

Although most freerolls are large affairs with thousands of poker players competing for a few dollars, some sites also hold freerolls as single table sit and gos. These usually do not provide cash prizes, rather they are satellites into larger tournaments that award cash prizes. However, all Texas holdem freerolls are great, since they provide a free opportunity to practice and possibly win some free money in the process.

How Do You Get Into a Sit and Go Poker Freeroll?

You will often have to spend some player points to get into a sit and go poker freeroll. You earn these points through play on the site, so if you have not played any real money games, this may not be an option for you. Remember that you also have a limited number of player points, so choose your sit and go poker freerolls carefully.

What Is the Strategy for a Sit and Go Poker Freeroll?

You should take a moment to evaluate the players and how they play Texas holdem. There will probably be two kinds. Ones who feel that since no money is involved they should play with reckless abandon and ones who guard their player points jealously and take the whole thing very seriously.

Since these freerolls are usually winner take all, you should probably play somewhere in between. Don’t be completely reckless but don’t be afraid to gamble.

How Should You Handle Your Sit and Go Poker Freeroll Opponents?

Play conservatively for the first round and let the maniacs bash up against each other, eliminating some of your competition. Don’t be afraid to go all in with a monster hand though, there’s a good chance you’ll get called. Once the field is pared down, play your regular game, but don’t bluff too much — freeroll players are far more likely to look you up.


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    I agree with the author, he offered good solid advice for freeroll strategy.

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    April 19, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    its all about the sti n go’s butreally only the top 5 ever make money. had ak lose to kq and got out in 9th made like 5 bucks when i should have made like 20

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