San Antonio NLTHE Poker Events

Thursday & Friday 7pm & Some Saturdays @ 4pm. Free food & soft drinks avail. Every month we will hold a loyalty free roll equaling 25% of the donations given to the foundation for that month.
This Saturday @ 4pm it is $200 for you and other members that have supported the C4C venue. Thank you all for your generous support. If you don’t know where our location is pls rsvp asap for Thurs or Fri this week and come meet your dealers, and hostesses.
We kick off the evening with a turbo tournament paying 2 spots into a friendly $1-3/$50 min – H.H. jackpots, $10 scratch offs for a 7-2 win, Bad beat prize, 2 HDTV’s, A fun & safe environment, Txt us – 210-639-1116 or call after 3pm 210-390-1788

Good luck & play Strong!

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