An Introduction

One of my favorite motivational speakers says you need to face reality before you can make changes. Positive thinking can only get you so far unless you face reality. So my reality is that I’m a losing player!

Of course, I’m trying to change this. I study my game. I read forums and books. this current endeavor is to add some accountability and community to my effort. Hopefully, by posting my results, challenges, progress, and emotions, I’ll be forced to not play recklessly (so I won’t have to post my embarrassing hands), and also manage my bankroll (so I won’t have to post about my going broke again).

I enjoy the competitiveness of poker, the intellectual challenge, the psychological aspects, and the excitement of chance. I think poker is a game of skill, but one cannot deny that lady luck plays a roll as well. I hope you will enjoy my journey and may lady luck travel with me on occasion.


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