Pro or Bust

In the Midst of  recession, economic depression and a great deal of other global issues I don’t care about - It dawns on me;  what better time could there be to carve out a career as a Pro Poker Player.

My Situation:

After flunking out of university a few years ago due to lack of motivation, (well actually; due to the fact that I’m a massive pot head), I found myself bouncing around from one dead end job to the other – serving drinks, working in call centers; all the usually customer service crap.

I’ve been playing poker for about 4 years now, the last 2 online, and after losing my Job two months ago I made the decision to try and play poker for a living.

My total profit online amounts to about $1000 all of which I have cashed out and spent. My plan now is to A) Build a bankroll B) turn a profit of over $1600 per month C) Not get another Job.

Now I am no idiot. I realise that I may not have proven statistics that say this is a good idea, and trying to earn more money in 1 month than I have in 2 years may not seem achievable, but this is my reasoning - 

– The money I have earned so far has been from playing the odd few games at the weekend, I have never sat down and decided to play long shifts.  I would have several thousand more if I did not enter large tournaments so playing SNG only is profitable for me.

– I have never had the time I need to devote to playing poker and this point in my life may been the only chance I have to attempt it.

– If I focus all my attention on playing sound poker and stay within my limits I am confident I can maintain and build a roll. 

– I am great at HU Poker – my biggest winning streak is 13 games on Pokerstars.

– I really, really, really, don’t want to get another job 

So call me arrogant, call me stupid, call me crazy, Call me Susan – I don’t care! This is what I am going to do, so I thought I would open up a little blog to chart my voyage into the unknown.

My current Balance on Stars is $0.00 I am going to take my laptop, sell it, and cash the proceeds onto my account – (Don’t worry, I have a desktop PC too) I Plan to build up to about $500 on HU before multi-tabling SNG’s, the rest is history (Well technically its the future).

I’ll let you know how it all pans out…….



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