How To WIN 180 Player Sit & Go Tournaments

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I just took down a 180 player sit & go and have started make the training video for my web site. I thought I would talk about my general strategy and post some links to the free videos. Let get started
Early in a 180 player sit and go you must play very tight in terms of hand selection and very aggressive in terms of betting and raising. On to of all that you need to play position and avoid multy way pots. In the first 4 blind levels the players are weak and are going to make bad plays. You have to be in the right place and the right time and capitalize on there weak plays and take there chips. Do not slow play, just raise and re-raise with big hands and fold weak hands. Wait and for a big pair AA KK make your raise and watch some donkey push all in and break him. You will now always build chips in the first 4 blind levels but hold tight. The bad players will know themselves out and you playing tight will set up the next 4 blind levels.

In the next 4 blind levels the antes are going to kick in. The quality of player had gone up and your moves at pots will be respected if you have played tight. Loosen up a little bit and when the antes kick in start to seal the blinds. Now if you are short on chips this may mean shoving but if you have chips don’t get over aggressive. I stick to a 3 time the big blind raise no mater my cards. If more players are limping I may raise to accommodate the growing pot. In these stages I will continuation bet most flops hit or miss and try to take chips off tight players. Watch out for the call station that has built a chip stack and is on a hot streak. In this poker tournament you need to just play poker and not gamble so much. I do not call coin flips and tend to give players credit for good hands. I lay down a lot of hands only playing around 17% of my hands. As the next 4 blind levels approach I start to get rely aggressive.

In these stages the money is approaching. If you have chips this is a time to build up that stack. Most players will be trying to make sure they make the money. Don’t be shy and bet raise and re-raise but pick tight players and smaller stack to do it to. Trying to push out the chip leader is a bad idea. Pick players that you see are folding to bet and raises and pick spots were you have position on them. Keep yourself from having to make tuff choices by playing out of position. It is your goal to survive and if you find yourself low on chips you have to make some moves or you will blind away. The play slows down and you need to accumulate chips. You may have to make a lot of ALL IN move to make up some ground. Again just pick tight players and move on them when you know they are weak not matter what your hand. It will pay off in the long run. Even if you bust here you did not want to make the money only to have 5 big blinds find a AA and get 4 callers and get run down by some trash.

As you make the money you want to buckle down and get tight again. Players will knock themselves out and you need to save your chips for big battles. As you reach 13 to 14 players the play will slow way down. Find the low stack at the table and pick on them. Also find tight players and seal there blinds. This is the second bubble and players want to make the final table. Pick up the loose chips out there and pad you stack. On a short stack you are again pushing on tight players and trying to chip up. Gamble now to build a stack the pay out is the same if you go out 14 or 10. Now when you find yourself at the final table things change a lot.

At the final table you need to gear down again and let players knock themselves out. You need to just play solid poker till there is 3 or 4 players left. At this point you need to get really aggressive and start taking pots. You see in my video if you watch it when I get down to 3 players I am in last in chips. My aggression pay off and I build up my stack and before long I am in the lead and soon I have WON.

Go check out the vids at click on the free training videos and scroll down a bit.


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