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Sep 25
Beating Up on the Weak Player

from the Daniel Negreanu Poker Newsletter If someone describes your playing style as weak, you’re in lots of trouble. You’d better make changes to your game quickly to shed that reputation. If you want to win at the poker table, focus on the weak players. Rather than duke it out with stronger, aggressive players, you’ll […]

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Sep 25
Sit Go Poker – SitNGo – Avoiding Bad Beats, It’s a Skill

Avoiding bad beats is one of the most important skills to learn in poker. Poker players at any level just hate it when they get a bad beat, they are are the most annoying and frustrating hands in the game! So what are they, and more importantly, how can you go about avoiding bad beats? […]

Jun 30
Double Up?

Does anybody have experience in double or nothing sit n go:s! I five doubled my bankrole by plaing small double up’s but for some reason I cannot do any great anymore, from winning like 8 of 10 in the beginning i now loose 6-7 of 10 and don’t understand why..Is there any strategy online or […]

May 04
Rakeback Tips Poker Strategy

Poker is a game of skill and therefore players must master the game of poker. This article outlines some tips and basic strategy for mastering the game of poker. The basics of solid poker strategy involve many concepts that you must combine to become a consistently winning player. The following concepts are crucial to learning […]

Apr 20
VICKSBURG, MS Casino Tounament Schedules?

Hey guys, does anyone know the weekly casino tournament schedules in Vicksburg, MS, United States? WHEN? WHICH CASINOS? BUY-INS? Thanks

Apr 19
Full Tilt vs. Poker Stars

Hey guys, do you guys prefer full tilt or poker stars more? i find that full tilt has more bad beats? just looking for some feedback

Apr 11
just wondering everyones thoughts on donks

Now….. the term donk is used very loosely lately. if a person has a better hand then you that doesnt make them a donk at all. lol that all i every hear at the tables and its starting to anoy me. donks are more like ppl who consistantly call with crap hand like 27 off […]

Mar 26
Poker toolbar with podcast radio

Poker Podcast Toolbar brings together popular poker podcasts into a streaming radio toolbar.  Includes regularly updated strategy inormation and great tips.  Listen in while you play poker online! Visit Poker toolbar for more information or directly download the toolbar here: Poker toolbar Internet explorer Poker toolbar Mozilla Firefox Poker toolbar EXE installer Several poker feeds […]

Nov 28
how do you get this option

can someone please help!

Nov 03
Texas Holdem for the iPhone

I have recently joined the iPhone Owners club (yes, sorry) and it’s time to jazz it up with cool iPhone poker apps! I am looking at a couple of poker games but this (Texas Hold’em for iPhone) one seems to be the daddy (written by Apple so it’s gonna be good I think 😉 Does […]