just wondering everyones thoughts on donks

Now….. the term donk is used very loosely lately. if a person has a better hand then you that doesnt make them a donk at all. lol that all i every hear at the tables and its starting to anoy me. donks are more like ppl who consistantly call with crap hand like 27 off and win lol now if they were in the bb and e1 limps in and they win doesnt mean you can start pointing fingers lol that just happend to me lol this guy just went off on me cause i bet his jj with two pair and he limped in trying to get a big pay off and cards were all low i hit my pair on the flop he goes all in an i call lol and he losing it lol ne who that turned into a bit of a rant. lol just wanting to hear storys or see what you think .

cheers mark


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