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Jul 20
Poker Player Staking – An Overview

A trend that has really come to fruitarian with the 2009 WSOP is the art of staking. Now of course staking players has been around for years and some people have made a lot of money out of it. Some however are only getting into the swing of staking and as such as heading to […]

Sep 15
Match 1 of Staking Docu-series in the books

For those following our docu-series on staking – match 1 (of 5) is in the books. This was a single table SNG – Stud H/L. End Result? Money bubbled in 4th. You can read about it detail at: and listen to the most recent podcast for the audio version (same page – the podcast […]

Sep 08
What goes through a Horse’s mind?

In poker, if you don’t have the money to play yourself you may be able to be staked (backed) by someone else – splitting all profits, of course. We’re documenting a staking series over at>What goes through a horse’s mind in preparing to play? Check out part IV in our docu-series: The Horse’s Perspective.

Sep 02
Why do backers stake players?

Our docu-series: “Suck Out! A Horse with No Name Recognition” continues here (take a look) with our backer’s perspective. But, why do you think backers invest their money in other players?  Should backing be done more for cash games or tourneys? Some would even say never.  Your thoughts?

Aug 12
Docu-Series on Staking Underway

We’ve begun our real life docu series on staking – “Suck Out! A Horse with no Name Recognition”. Check out our progress at> Karaoke

Aug 07
Suck Out – A Horse with No Name Recognition

We’ve tweeted about this (July 13 and 25th) and did a little promo/preview on our podcast (July 25th episode) and are now ready to begin the blog chronicling. Titled: “Suck Out – A Horse with no Name Recognition”, yours truly, Karaoke Phil, has been staked for a series of FullTilt tournaments. In the vein of […]