Category: Staking

Jul 20
Poker Player Staking – An Overview

A trend that has really come to fruitarian with the 2009 WSOP is the art of staking.…

Sep 15
Match 1 of Staking Docu-series in the books

For those following our docu-series on staking – match 1 (of 5) is in the books.…

Sep 08
What goes through a Horse’s mind?

In poker, if you don’t have the money to play yourself you may be able to be…

Sep 02
Why do backers stake players?

Our docu-series: “Suck Out! A Horse with No Name Recognition” continues…

Aug 12
Docu-Series on Staking Underway

We’ve begun our real life docu series on staking – “Suck Out! A…

Aug 07
Suck Out – A Horse with No Name Recognition

We’ve tweeted about this (July 13 and 25th) and did a little promo/preview on…