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Apr 03

for every new player they bring or send. The Player Referral Bonus can be residual(you get a bonus each and every time the new player you referred plays) or one time. $100 free-rolls every hour, as well as free food and drinks. We also will provide transportation if you have too much to drink. We […]

Mar 13
Relish The Blackjack Game At Leading Casino

Being the most table games of gambling, Black Jack is played in a casino beholding the maximum number of players in it. This American card game relishes the player to achieve a maximum of total nearer to 21 but not exceeding it with the banker’s hand. The popularly known as the “21” game is being […]

Jan 18
Top 5 Most Important Poker Books

Poker is a fascinating and popular card game. As such, there have been hundreds of books written about it to cover nearly every conceivable aspect of the game. Not all of these books are helpful or insightful and it can be difficult for any player to sort out which book to choose. Below is a […]

Nov 06
How To Make Extra Bankroll – Three Approaches To Winning A Poker Freeroll

When you have reached the final stages of a poker game and both you and your opponent are looking to win money and not allow the other person take away the entire pot home, you need to keep in mind that you are in a freeroll hand situation. For those that are looking to make […]

Oct 25
Why Blackjack makes a good alternative to poker

When we think of the most popular, traditional casino games, Blackjack and Poker tend to pop up quite frequently. After all, they’ve been around seemingly forever, and the numbers of people who play them show absolutely no signs of slowing down. Yet over the last several years, Poker seems to have gained an edge over […]

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Sep 30
Aladdin’s legacy Online Game from Caesar Casino

Aladdin’s legacy slot online game is one of the latest games that are based on the science of decoding codes. It will permit you to play more than one coin per pay line. It’s Middle Eastern fable and stories make a nice theme for any online slot. The Delphian stature of Aladdin makes an appearance […]

Oct 23
You can now write your own Poker Blog

Looking forward to sharing many new rules on the poker blog….

Jul 26
NLTHE Every Friday Night!

Greetings, Friday night madness is here. $5k on table and 2 seats open. Come play tonight everyone welcomed. And special foods, massages, splash pots and firstt 3 get a gas card. Txt 210 639 1116 or become a member immediately>Play Strong, Tami

Jul 23
Charity Poker Event @ The Turn!!

Hey Ya'll! Just like every week we've got friendly 1/3 any buy in's ALL WEEKEND! But this week, we decided to go bigger and better! 🙂 In order to introduce your new Hostess, Tami, the New Venue, and format @ “The Turn”, this Saturday, July 27th, we are hosting a huge charity poker event. We […]

Jul 21
HUGE EVENT 7/27/13

Greetings extended family members! We would like to introduce our new Hostess Tami, along with our the New Venue, and format @ “The Turn” this Saturday, 7-27. We will have live entertainment, BBQ chicken, Ribs, Potatoe salad, bread, Ice cold beer and a great evening! Come socialize & play with us! Great staff and the […]