Charity Poker Event @ The Turn!!

Hey Ya'll!
Just like every week we've got friendly 1/3 any buy in's ALL WEEKEND! But this week, we decided to go bigger and better! 🙂
In order to introduce your new Hostess, Tami, the New Venue, and format @ “The Turn”, this Saturday, July 27th, we are hosting a huge charity poker event. We will have live entertainment from Chris Bosmans, Jimmy's BBQ chicken and Ribs, Potato salad, bread and ICE COLD BEER all night long! It's guaranteed to be an awesome night!

Come socialize & play with us! Great staff and the Best Venue in San Antonio. Bring your friends and Pls RSVP to get an accurate count for food and drink. :).

Play Strong,
Tami, Cris, LP, and Derek.
(210) 639-1116


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    December 11, 2015 at 1:06 am

    You are too adorable in this! This was rellay great to see. I almost always take all my pictures myself (I get too nervous around other people, I think), but my photos are definitely trial and error (which is why they’re not as clear with the focus as I’d like them to be). My camera is definitely not as good as yours!! But I love your photos so very much, so this was wonderful!xox Sammi

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