How To Make Extra Bankroll – Three Approaches To Winning A Poker Freeroll

When you have reached the final stages of a poker game and both you and your opponent are looking to win money and not allow the other person take away the entire pot home, you need to keep in mind that you are in a freeroll hand situation. For those that are looking to make money through freerolls, below are a few tactics that you can easily employ.

Early Chips in the Pot

The first method calls for you to try to get as many chips into the pot and make as many early calls as is possible. While this type of strategy goes against the norms, some poker players piously swear by it. Remember, you have nothing to lose and only stand to gain money. When you employ this strategy you want to try and gather five times your starting number of chips. This will help you enter the end stage of the game so you can stand to win the poker freeroll.

Wait for Others To Drop Out

Reduce the number of calls that you make when you start noticing players falling out of the game. Avoid trying to pull a quick one and make unwise bets. You want to think and strategize about your opponent and the game. Therefore, allow the players to get one another out of the game and only bet when you have a good hand that is worth betting.

Play Your Strong Hands

When you play strong hands, you increase your chance of staying in the game and you allow the other players to make the hurried and non-strategic moves that cause them to drop out of the game. You want to be one of those players that stays in the game until the end. In the meantime, keep your bad hands to yourself.

Do Play Tight When You Should

Playing tight means being very secure with the hands you deal. When you notice the players leaving the game, deal your premium hands. These hands will keep you moving through. Also, don’t hesitate to fold if you have a big starting hand. This entire approach requires a great deal of patience, some players have seen some fantastic results with it.

Assess Your Opponents Right

Assessing your opponents is important to show them that you are different and way more luckier than they are. Watch them closely including the guy who behaves he has a strong hand – chances are he really does. Yes, poker freerolls are fun when you watch them bluff and play tight. Keep your cool and just be different.


Poker is one of those games that can lead to a great conclusion if you deal your cards right and if you play with the right skill and care. The above tips are excellent tips to securing the freeroll jackpot right before the end of the game. While some of the strategies may contradict one another, such as the tight versus aggressive strategy, it really comes down to what you try and what works for you best. For more tips on poker strategies, go here.

This is an original article created by my friend Zachary Newton, who is an amateur poker player and an amazing poker strategy writer.


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