PokerDIY sponsors Thought and Theory

We were on the of companies to buy some T-shirt space on the back of the Thought and Theory team and help them get to the Future of WebApps conference in London on the 20th of Feb.

Here is a photo of the PokerDIY logo on the back of the shirt! See Flickr for more shots…
PokerDIY sponsors Thought and Theory 1

You can read more about Thought and Theory and the T-shirt sponsor request here.

Out of interest, the FOWA conference was a great success and you will see several changes in PokerDIY as a result of our attendance.

Some of the big things planned include a UI redesign to make the site less cluttered and easier to navigate, as well as the use of better social networking tools to help you connect with other poker players.

The highlights for me personally of the FOWA was listening to Kevin Rose (founder of Digg) and listening to Mike Arrington (Techcrunch) about what the future holds for the exciting virtual world.

I met some really cool people in the industry and set up some great foundations for some mutually beneficially relationships in the future… watch this space!


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