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Poker Leagues
With all the freerolls on PokerDIY a lot of people don’t actually know that the main use of PokerDIY is to manage your home poker league online with our custom league management software.

For example, some friends and I play poker every 2 weeks. I used to have to email everyone who may be interested and try to organize the venue and time. After the game we used to record the results on paper and send out a mail after each game. Stop doing that! Use PokerDIY to do it for you – it’s free and dead simple. You can schedule games, track RSVPs record results for your league and view the current leaderboard (here is ours) for each season. You can make your league public (anyone can see it) or private, so that only you and your members can see it!

Just to recap, a League is a series of Seasons. A Season is usually a year (e.g 2007) but it’s up to you. A Season then has 1 or more Games that determine the current scoreboard. An Event can consist of 1 or more Games (we usually play 3 games on one night).

Anyone can set up a league and record the results, so try it now if you run a home poker league or play poker with your friends and see how easy and useful it is. You can also see the leagues and top game results for a person by viewing their profile – see mine as an example (I am not doing to well 😉

Work in development includes integration with popular desktop poker league software such as Tournament Director – if you use this then definitely set up a poker league on PokerDIY as you can publish your scores online for everyone to see. Another feature coming soon is our league widget/gadget so you can embed your league or profile on your own blog or website to show off your results!

If you need help in setting up your league ask questions on the Forum and I’ll be glad to help you set it up or convert your exiting paper league to online heaven!

Poker Freerolls
The PokerDIY Freeroll leagues have been a great success with a regular group of players playing every week in our exclusive free tourneys.

For example, in the last CelebPoker freeroll we only had 13 players trying to win the $100 and a place on the leaderboard! Well done to raul1988 who is currently top of the ladder! (there is a prize for first place at the end of the year). The next freeroll is on Sunday – if you want to play RSVP here.

Please remember that if you want to receive email invites to our freerolls you MUST update your preferences here. The easiest way to hear about freerolls is to bookmark our RSS Feed of Upcoming Poker Games.

PokerDIY has grown massively in the last 6 months – many thanks to you, our users! We will always be free, so please help us by telling your mates about us, whether it is for our freerolls or for our league management software.

If you run a poker site and would like buy advertising then the 125*125 banners are ridiculously cheap for the amount of views/clickthoughs they get. We now show 3 per page so you get more exposure.

If you have not seen our Poker Toolbar then check it out! Basically you will be notified the moment a new poker game or freeroll is set up, and you get updates and poker news delivered straight to you, and you do not even have to view PokerDIY.

PokerDIY is there for you to use. You can set up poker groups, start or join poker leagues and publish your upcoming poker games (they will appear on our homepage). A lot of people keep their leagues and events private, so only their friends/groups see them, but give it a try and you’ll be amazed at how much time it can save you! PLEASE let us know if you don’t like the layout or find something confusing – we really appreciate feedback and criticism!

See you at the table!
Rodney (feel free to send me a PM by clicking on my name if you want chat!)
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League Scoreboard Snapshot

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