PokerDIY-Celeb Freeroll League – Tourney #9 Results

Game report by Sat_And_Went:

I have updated the Celeb League Scoreboard and you can see the league results from last nights game here.

There was no bounty this week as Funseeker could not join us for the game.

Congrats FlachLV by the way on the victory, who played a belting game right to the end pipping zippy0000 to the winners spot.

3rd place went to Loujine who found himself going all-in with a very respectable AQ for the coin flip against KK.

Gotdanuts found out the hard way that leading the game is no guarantee, after falling to 2 huge hands and plummeting from 1st to 4th in 2 calls of the cards, before holding JJ short stacked and going all-in only to get outdrawn by the straight. Unlucky gotdanuts…

Remember to update your preferences if you want to be invited to each freeroll as it is announced…


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