PokerDIY-Celeb Freeroll League – Tourney #8 Results

Game report by Sat_And_Went:

Wow what a fight to the end!!!

Well done to Nightfun who took the Gold Medal in tonight’s game, closely followed by (a very lucky!!) P1ngu88 who took ME out in 3rd place.

The Bubble this week was all-in9890, while 5th – 10th places went to: raul529107, reshave, ArturasLT, beestje8, zane123456 & arjonn respectively, each getting points for the leaderboard.

PACOBAD was again the bounty, but missed who took him out, congrats to you whoever you are.

Well the leaderboard will may well open up, who knows the impact of Nightfun’s win will have. Great game all!

Remember to update your preferences if you want to be invited to each freeroll as it is announced…


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