PokerDIY-Celeb Freeroll League – Tourney #7 Results

I have now uploaded the results for this game – you can see the League scoreboard here and the freeroll scoreboard here.

Congrats to reshave who took first in tonight’s freeroll over at Celeb Poker, and also took out current league leader PACOBAD for the extra $5 bounty!! Paco went out in 4th place, (Bubble), after putting up a great fight and winning 3 all-ins before his luck ran out.

Ciubidel came a very close 2nd, with loujine bringing up the rear and getting the last paid placing.

With just 22 players, (out of the 32 who left RSVP and were sent the password), actually playing the game, this leaves the league still open for evreyone to take a couple of good games to rise to the head of the leaderboard, (well, except me (SatAndWent) who again came a miserable 15th after calling a ridiculous all-in with K-J off suit, only to get whooped by 2 pair!!)

Congrats also have to go to: jbruckner, tommy_mils, NightFun, DOBBIN73, Amimann58 & stewz1, who all made it to the final table.

Great game guys, see you next time! Remember to update your preferences if you want to be invited to each freeroll as it is announced…


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