PokerDIY-CD Poker Freeroll League – Tourney #9 Results

Well done to the tourney winner, Daglo for recently joining PokerDIY and winning already!

This was quite a small tourney for CDPoker standards – there were a lot more real members playing, which was great (I released the pw 5 minutes before the freeroll started so we had less password leachers.

I found 6 of the players in the CD Poker League, if you score has not been recorded for this tournament then let me know (you need to have your CD Poker nickname in your profile and be a member of the poker league to be added. You can see the game scoreboard here

To see who is winning the CD Poker league overall you can see the current league results here.

I (CDPoker Nick: PokerDIYcom) got knocked out rather early, which was disappointing 😉

The next CDPoker freerolls (#9) is in 2 weeks time on Sunday – make sure you have signed up for the email alerts so you get personally invited!


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