PokerDIY-CD Poker Freeroll League – Tourney #8 Results

This was quite a small tourney for CDPoker standards – there were a lot more real members playing, which was great. Well done to the person who knocked me out – I can’t remember who it was but I enjoyed knocking you out CDHunterMaster 😉 I’ll see you next game (I think people were gunning for me – it’s always fun to knock out the Admin – I say “Bring it on! 😉

At the next tourney the pw will be given out 5 (FIVE) minutes before. This is cutting it quite fine, but I am hoping to have even less unknowns playing. Unfortunately in this freeroll 9 of the Top Ten were password thieves (if you have just joined, I apologise, as you can tell I am annoyed with these people, it only takes a minute to join and you can play in any of our poker freeroll leagues for free!) so the game leaderboard is looking a bit sparse for this game.

You can see the overall current league results here.

Well done to Felga who was the top real member (9th place). I (CDPoker Nick: PokerDIYcom) managed an 11th place which I am happy with but annoyed for not making it to the final table!

The next CDPoker freerolls (#9) is in 2 weeks time on Sunday – make sure you have signed up for the email alerts so you get personally invited!


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