PokerDIY-CD Poker Freeroll League – Tourney #7 Results

This was a great tourney – usually on CDpoker freerolls you end up with 200 random people who stole your password (yes, I am still bitter), but after tweaking the event to release the pw 10 minutes before the game started we ended up with only 96 players (60 of who RSVPed on PokerDIY and legitametly obtained the freeroll password.

I (CDPoker Nick: PokerDIYcom) had my trip 4’s blitzed by a flush for an unceremonious 86th place 😉

Congratulations to our new PokerDIY member – stewz1 who went on to win first place and now is top of the CD Poker freeroll poker league leaderboard!

The next CDPoker freerolls (#8) is next Sunday (1 week’s time) – you can RSVP to the event here if you would like to get the pw and play.


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