PokerDIY-CD Poker Freeroll League – Tourney #6 Results

It would be great if the tournaments remained in your poker tournaments window on the poker software but unfortunately as soon as the game is over you cannot see the tournament any longer in the CD Poker software. This is really silly and I have asked them to make this change as it is so simple and easy (show games for another day after they have ended).

So what I normally do is take a screenshot of the top ten results and then record the results for the poker league scoreboards the next day. If I am knocked out of the game I normally leave my poker software running so I can grab the top ten when it ends. If it is late I go to bed and do this in the morning – unfortunately when I woke up the CD Poker poker software had caused a Windows exception and I could not get the results! I asked my CD Poker agent to try and get them (they must be in a database somewhere!) but he was not able to do so.

So… I do not have the top ten results for the CD Poker Freeroll #6 league scoreboard… this is a pity.

If you finished in the top ten, please PM me and I will attempt to verify and record you results. It may be better to just write off that freeroll completely and focus on the next one this Sunday.

See you then…

PokerDIY Freeroll


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