PokerDIY breaks into the Alexa 100k website list – Traffic/Growth Stats

With the steady growth and new users it was bound to happen sooner rather than later – Alexa puts PokerDIY at 98 906 as of the 26th of November, 2008. This really is exciting and shows that poker players are finding value in our free service.

I compile a list of web-metric sites to show how PokerDIY has grown since it launched 3 years ago:

  • Google Analytics – PokerDIY getting around 1100 visitors a day, almost 100 000 pageviews a month (See poker ads page, 3rd tab for latest GA traffic graph– 85% of our traffic is from Search Engines)
  • Quarkbase – PokerDIY jumps 30 923 in 3 months
  • Compete – Traffic up 304% in last year
  • IwebTool – 40 667 sites linking to PokerDIY

and some stats from our homepage (PR5):

  • 35543 poker players
  • 585 poker leagues managed by PokerDIY
  • 7765 local poker games needing players

The increased traffic is due to a number of factors – more traffic from websites displaying their poker leagues on their site with our poker widgets (including Facebook), the new RSS feeds on the local poker game ads and the updated poker player search to name a few.

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