PokerDIY #1 on Google and growing fast!

Yesterday was a new record on PokerDIY with 58 new people joining our poker community in one day! This is fantastic news and mainly down to the new and mainly down to the increase in organic search results on the big search engines such as Google.

As an example, go to Google and type:
“local poker league”, “home poker event”, “find live poker”, “play local poker”,
poker tutorial + tips + videos
poker tournament strategy
mk poker forum
free home poker
poker practise
home poker game finder
practise poker
dressing poker game

You’ll see that we are number one for these keywords.

If you type:

“live poker leagues, “local poker leagues”
locate poker games
live poker league
find home poker
free private poker table
cardroom greenwich
orange county ny poker
find poker on tv
home poker leagues
poker quote
home poker player
find local poker players
what beats two pair
funny poker blog
free poker league online

We are at position two and three! There’s tons more, but you get the idea! This is where all the traffic is coming from…

I think this is a testimonial to the usefulness and success of the PokerDIY concept. There are quite a few other keywords where we are in the top 10 in the world – this is really awesome. Many thanks to you guys, the PokerDIY poker players for supporting us! We will always be free and are working on some great new ideas and features to make PokerDIY even more useful. For example, we are working on integrating our league software with Tournament Director and PokerUnderworld (more on this later) so that you can publish your results to your PokerDIY league.

Please help us grow by telling your friends about PokerDIY or spreading this video. If you are not a member of any groups – why not go and find one in your area, and if it doesn’t exist then start one – you’ll soon find people all around you looking for a poker game! Be sure to keep an eye on the Upcoming Events to be notified of games and Freerolls, and join a poker league. The PokerDIY CD Poker league now has over 800 members and the scoreboards will be up soon so you can see who is winning!



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