How often have you had a hand and wondered what the odds were of you winning under certain conditions?

The new Odds Checker (Under Resource menu) is a great little tool for displaying the odds according to a scenario that you can set up. For example, imagine if you and an opponent were both All-In pre-flop in a game of Texas Holdem (you living on the edge). You both reveal your cards and you have 10 J suited and he has 7 7.

Using the Odds Checker you can see what probability you have of winning, drawing or loosing. You can then deal the flop and check again, until the end of the game. This can help you hone you decisions. Sometimes we don’t realise the odds of something happening or are blinded by past experiences.

It even has 8 different types of poker games like Razz, Omaha and of course, Texas Holdem! Go have a play with it now…


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