Poker – August not so bad considering……

My 1st blog and poker bio started on May 11th if interested: Well just rounding up August, it looks like the month will be a decent success after all. I realy didn’t expect to make a ton of money this month. Busy with work, moving into a new home, and a little time to play, I really kept my expectations low and was hoping to just finish positive. I ended up only playing a total of 110 hours for the month which sounds like a decent amount, but I play 2-3 sngs at a time and that time is all added together. So real time it’s probably in the neighborhood of 45 hours. Before the baby came I was probably playing at least twice as much. Oh well, I am young and have plenty of time down the road to play more later especially if I decide to go full-time pro in the next year or two. Like I mentioned on my previous post, of my SNG’s. In August, I had a pretty amazing run which I’m sure had some good luck involved, and , which is exceptionally high at a $50-100 limit level and sng payout 30-40%. Anything 40%+ would be positive, 45% is pretty good and 50%+ is an exceptional run. Cake recently offered “Double up SNG’s” which pay 50% 5/10 players, but you only get double your buyin back minus about 7% entry fee. I tried a few of these out and made money, but didn’t include them in my cash% stats and I don’t think in the long run will pan out to make enough money for me per hour to be worth it to play. I figured even if I cashed 2 outta 3 overall, which is way hi, I’d only make like 30% per game, so unless the $75+ fill well I’ll probably just use them as fillers when I can’t get anything else going. I did enjoy them and was an interesting change to the avg sng. It plays alot like a multi which guarantees alot of seats in the late stages where everyone is just trying to stay alive and you have a couple renegades who get careless and attack the passive table. They’re fun but we’ll see.As for multis, I only played about a dozen mid sized tourneys (100-400 players) and actually finished many of them very deep including 1 more final table (6th/200 coin flipped out), and a 16th/202 where I got screwed out (I’ll save you the beat stories.” I wouldv’e liked to do more cash game play and research, but my poker tracker software didn’t give me all the info I was looking for and I will have to manually pull up some of my hands and break them down further to get the data I want and it can be very time consuming. Considering how well my SNG play has been I will chip away the research and ease my way into the cash games later. I have cashed in the positive my last 8 outta 10 days and I don’t feel like killing my good run by changing my game focus. I think alot of newer or osing players would fair much better if they stuck to their best type of game or two. SNG’s, Cash (NL, Limit, Short handed-Long), Multi’s, Holdem, Omaha, Rebuys, etc. Say maybe only 9 handed holdem SNg’s and occassional small multi’s and just grind it out at a small limit until they show consistent profits and slowly move up and master other games later if they prove to have more potential. Typically most players just play whatever seems fun at the time and above the limit they can beat. I’m sure it’s an ego thing or people who play for fun. It can definately get boring playing the same game over and over but if you’re like me you make a game of it and try to master every element and look for and plug every leak. That’s also why I would recomend 1 game 75% of the time, your 2nd best game 15-20% of the time and rarely mix in a random game at lower limits to look for better opportunities. Lets face it the game is tougher these days and you need to find a niche to really on a steady winning return on in case of a bad run. Next month will probably be more of the same. I will probably start playing a little bigger since my bankroll has increased $70-100 with a few $200’s mixed in here and there if things continue well and maybe in a couple months I’ll be ready to play strictly $100’s+ Sng’s. Things have been good, but I won’t push it. I’m feeling a bit luckier than usual and don’t want to get ahead of myself. If anyone out there has any questions or topics they would like covered please let me know. Donkeyherder


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