Poker as an Olympic Sport?

Ok, I know some of you got that look on you face when you read that title Poker as an Olympic Sport? 1

With the 2008 summer olympics in full swing, I thought why not poker as an olympic sport?

Most people would probably look at poker and say it’s definitely NOT an olympic sport, but let’s compare it to some current olympic “sports”. There are the obvious sports like swimming, football (soccer), baseball, etc., but there are also some “sports” that are about as physical as poker. Archery, for instance, is not much of a “sport” is it? You just need good aim right? Same with “shooting”. You can’t tell me Equestrian is a sport and not poker since the horse is doing all the work.

If you look at what it takes to win a major poker tournament it takes skill, stamina, endurance. Show me one olympic sport where you have to play as long as you do as poker in terms of hours of play in a single day.

Just picture seeing Doyle Brunson standing at the top of the podium collecting that gold medal, Daniel Negreanu picking up the silver metal, and Phil Hellmuth collecting the bronze metal as he whines like a little baby complaining about how bad the other two played.

2012 olympics are not far away…


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