Part III Rampaging Short Stack Strategy

This is the third and last installment on strategies for short stacking. This one is called rampaging, something there is not much information out there on.

From what I can tell you start out at the 25NL, double up your 5.00 and then take 10.00 to the 50NL, double up and take 20.00 to the 100NL. You get the drift. I have not really investigated this, but I’ve heard that its been done here in Vegas for Limit Poker on the strip, moving to 5/10, 15/30, and 10/20.

I’ve also heard you can do this at 6 max, so I tried it. The six max players are so loose, its not funny, and I doubled up real quick and decided to keep the money instead of moving up. I am not to sure I like this style, and how to implement it.

I will stay with my variant style of Ed Millers as I am a winning player there. cya


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