Manly Poker League Scoreboard Results

We played 3 poker games last night with a full house of 9 players (which is the most we’ve ever had).

NEW LEAGUE ENHANCEMENT: You can now filter the league on a Minimum Number of games. You will see this icon on the league scoreboard (top right) – League Minimum Game Filter. This eliminates lucky wins – for example, set the view to 10 on our league and it changes dramatically.

Man of the Poker Match was Jeff, much to everyone’s disgust. Jeff won the first $10 game AND the next $20 game (where some idiot put in $20 too much) and then came 2nd in the final game (after Morgs put a stop to a new record).

The 3 games that were played:

  1. $10 Game – Jeff wins, with Rod second
  2. 1st $20 Game – Jeff wins with Davy a close 2nd
  3. 2nd $20 Game – Morgs puts a stop to Jeff’s wins

and here is the current league scoreboard. Soon the points system on PokerDIY will be implemented so that the league will be based on Points and not cash which should level things out and make it more interesting!

See you next Thurs!


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