Loosing Hands in BR Challenge/Update 3+4

Okay, after 31.5 hours, 24,458 hands and losing $11.55 with accumulated 4,537 pts. There are only 2 loosing hands (Not AJs, though its up a paltry .85cents) and they are 88, and ATo. I cant seem to get a handle on netting + dollars on this challenge. I will atleast find out how much it costs to get the 285.00 bonus. I have found that alot of villains are shoving the flop on me for the flush draws, and shoving their AK preflop which is normal, but it seems they are killing my large pocket pairs hence my loss.

I am learning alot though about me and poker. My leaks with AK is a serious problem I have to work on (more losses). I am fine tuning this Short Stack Strategy to include Stealing from the cutoff, button, and blinds per sklansky/chubokov numbers….I have done the stats and it seems to be working. CBets seem to be profitable too. Can you think of any other player/playing stats (not hole cards that I may wanna check up on)?

One last thing is that I would leave the table once I hit +8BB or little more (so going from 5.00 to like 7.50) then leaving is loosing to much profit, and I now making sure I stay till I have over 10.00…..what this does is causes me in certain hands to double up from like 7.50-9.50 to up like 20.00…..Thats bigger pots, bigger profits. cya


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