Introducing iToldem – A new social application for poker players

Imagine a world where seconds after making a great move and winning a massive pot while playing poker online, your friends watch the video replay of the hand and witness for themselves what a great player you are.

Introducing iToldem! (itoldem(dot)com)

iToldem provides a central location for online players to discuss tactics. It allows you to follow your poker friends and review their recent poker activities – in one free application.

iToldem will replace your poker phone calls and the poker related water cooler conversations with a free, easy-to-use, extremely cool software.
Made a great move? Suffered a gut wrenching bad beat? Seconds after these moments happen you can share the videos of the hands with your friends and discuss them.

Won the pot with a crazy bluff? With a click of a button you can even share the video of the hand with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers and demand your respect.

iToldem will be like playing online poker with your friends as the audience. And who doesn’t want an audience, right?

We will be happy to hear your feedback on the software and hope you enjoy it! Check us out at itoldem(dot)com.

Currently, iToldem works with Windows only and supports Fulltiltpoker, Pokerstars and Zynga poker. In the next coming days we will also support the iPoker network.

Steve 🙂


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