Home Poker League Management Just Became Easier With PokerDIY

Poker players can now track their poker game performance over time by taking advantage of the new integration feature between PokerDIY’s free poker league management software and The Tournament Director.



London (PRWEB) June 19, 2007 — The popular poker social-networking site, PokerDIY today added an impressive feather to its cap by announcing the integration of their poker league management software with The Tournament Director to make managing your poker league easier than ever.


PokerDIY’s founder, Rodney Joyce, explains the thinking behind the new functionality.

“A quick search for ‘home poker games’ or ‘poker leagues’ on MySpace, Craigslist and other classified ad sites reveals the need for an online service to connect poker players and allow easy poker league management. Poker players are using these sites because a better alternative does not exist… until now. PokerDIY solves the problem by offering a complete online poker league management solution with poker game scheduling, league scoreboards and all the ingredients you would expect from a social network dedicated to poker players. Today we upped the ante by allowing poker league hosts to publish their tourney results directly from the well-known desktop poker game management software, The Tournament Director”.

Thousands of poker players around the world use The Tournament Director to organize and record their poker tournaments. Now, instead of being confined to a dusty laptop in a corner these results can be published on the web and viewed by all league members with a few clicks of the mouse.

Using PokerDIY’s free poker league software you can then track individual performances across a league season and view tournament results in your profile. Finding local poker players and games is as simple as zooming in on the Google Map or starting a poker group for your area.

The addition of this free service to the existing social-networking elements such as poker groups, friend-lists and collaboration tools will reiterate this unique website’s lofty aspirations to be the number one poker league management site in the world and cement PokerDIY’s goal of making home poker as simple and easy as it should be.

About The Tournament Director
The Tournament Director software is owned by Corey Cooper and is in no way affiliated with PokerDIY. For more information about The Tournament Director or to download a trial, visit: www.TheTournamentDirector.net

About PokerDIY
Established in 2005 and with poker players in 84 different countries, PokerDIY is a social-networking website that connects poker players and offers a wide range of free, online services to allow easy poker league management. For more information about PokerDIY or to start your own poker league, visit: www.pokerdiy.com


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