Fun With Hold’em Continued

On my last post I talked about the change from Razz back to Hold’em. I hadn’t played much NL Hold’em in a while, and it did me a lot of good. I’m having fun again, and winning too – funny what some time away can do for your frame of mind.

Anyway, I’ve played NL Hold’em for several days in a row now, and I’m winning at almost every session. Maybe it’s just a run of good luck, maybe I’m playing well, or maybe some of both. Either way, I’m having fun and make bankroll is going up!

The last session was earlier today, at Pokerstars. Played some $1/2 NL, then $2/4 for a while too. Here’s a hand I thought was funny, and I didn’t realize people were still playing this bad. I’m UTG with KQ os. Action folds to me, I raise to $6. BB reraises to $15, I call. About 2 hands prior to this he’d lost a sizeable pot when he got rivered by a 3 outer, so I had a gut feeling he was on tilt. Flop comes AQ4. He leads out for $10, I raise to $25 to see where I’m at. He flat calls. Turn comes a 9. He checks, I bet $35 into a pot of $80, he reraises all-in for about $65 on top of my $35. No straight or flush draws, I don’t have him on an ace, and I think he’s tilting. I have second pair and go into the tank for a bit, and call. My opponent shows 7,3 os, for absolutely nothing, just like I suspected.

I win the pot, and for the next 5 minutes while he sits there broke all he does is berate my ‘donkey call’ with nothing more than 2nd pair. Lol. It cracks me up when people don’t realize there is more to the game than the power of your hand. They’ll never learn, and thank god for that.

Anyhow, I take that and move up to $2/4, feeling my oats, and feeling good about my play. I used to play $5/10, but I haven’t played NL Hold’em in so long that I’ve been taking it slow, relearning wtf I’m supposed to do. A little more than 2 hours later I’d made another $84, and finished for the day. To be perfectly honest, I was actually up about $220 at one point, then donked off about $110 within a couple of hands. I realized my game was getting bad, so I left with my profit before I gave it all back. That’s another thing that is good about coming back to the game with the mindset I have now. Now I play for fun, and I have fun if I’m playing well. If I’m playing bad, its not fun, so I stop. Why did it take so long to figure thatone out? Duh.

Ok, I realize I’m rambling now, so I’ll stop, lol. Before I go, I have a little Pokerstars Coupon Code site you can check out if you’re looking to open an account at Pokerstars. Although, to be honest it shocks me there are still people out there who don’t have accounts there. It’s kinda like being 30 years old and having never eaten at McDonalds.

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    November 9, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    I realy like your posts and think it is great you are haveing fun playing poker. Keep up the posts and tells us how your bank roll is doing.

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