So this blog is being brought to you by stirred emotions and the heart or it could just be a rant. I play TPTK, and Over pairs to the board. This is my current strategy using PNLH (the book) and my stack is made specially for this strategy (as u will see). The main losses from these set ups are 1) Sets (the Killer), 2 OverOverPairs (heartbreak) and to lesser degree str8ts/flushes (as you can usually see them coming and adjust accordingly)

My winning sessions consists of TPTK, and Overpairs winning alot, and since I only really see them losing to sets it becomes extremely upsetting. WHY……I know I am suppose to lose. I keep trying to justify these losses and having a tuff time about it. Any Suggestions? Here are two hands from this a.m, yes they are completely different situations and handled accordingly, right?

I have AA MP and raise preflop, cutoff calls. Flop is 527, (seemingly dry board), so I bet pot. I only have a pot sized bet left (for the turn) (16.00) and a 6 comes and I am all in for the the pot, and villain shows 77 for a set and I lose 25.00. I had no chance what so ever. Am I suppose to check my AA overpair to dry board, what and let him bet and me fold??????

Heres the other hand and this one I got away from!!!!!!!!!!!!

KK flops 235. I bet 2/3 (scary, wet board huh) pot, get called and 4 comes for the turn, and I am out of there for a loss of only 4.50….

So I guess I just have to be okay loosing my stack every time they hit their set. cya


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