Well, I thought that since I am half way thru my challenge I would blog alittle about my week grinding it out. I started last Sunday and my schedule went as follows….

Monday-Friday is pretty much the same. I wake up with the wife around 6:30 a.m and drink coffee, and chat. Then I play from around 7:30 to 9am. I take the dogs out for their long walks a Westie and Cairn Terriers (Toto)(separately, and dont ask why) then its breakfast time and alittle CNBC.

Around tenish or so, its back to the tables till 1pm or so, when I decide to shower and eat lunch, maybe run some errands, and let the dogs out again. Of course back to the grind till maybe 4pm, when its movie time. I tend to look for good movies on cable (I have all 400 stations and record them for later dates).

6pm rolls around and I let the dogs out again, and play till like 7:30, then feed the dogs, do dinner, walk the dogs again for a long walk separately of course, and back to grind after 9pm till close to midnite. Mondays I have my NL group meetings. The weekends I play as much as I can and also usually go out to dinner and the movies and taking the wife to play the slots. I do get once or twice a week to play live poker too


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