A Lizzards Slow Death

Well I feel horrible and not sure what to do. Yesterday I heard a noise in the garage, thinking maybe a rodent I didnt give it much thought. Later in the day I was in the garage again and heard a noise, and this time I checked it out. I discovered that a lizzard (6 inches long) chased a bug into bug glue trap which is placed by a tiny opening in the garage from outside.

So it was horribly glued by his head and feet. I starting thinking maybe I can free him, so I started to pry at his head and feet, but to no avail. For a minute I thought if he lost some body parts they would regrow ( isnt that just the tail?) What If I did free him, could his mouth be possibly glued shut (a real possibility) and if he lost his feet would he make it?

Today, he is still alive and trapped. and now the thought comes do I leave him to die, and throw in the garbage can or do I put him out of his misery first……I dont know????????????????


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