1/2 NL Holdem Home Poker Game in Philadelphia, PA Philly

1/2 NL Holdem Home Poker Game in Philadelphia, PA Philly
Hey guys,

Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you guys I am hosting a 1/2 No Limit Holdem game in Philadelphia. We have about 22 players who come and play 4 times a week. We usually have a full table, but some days we have about 2-3 seats open.

We play every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. if you are interested shoot me an email @ [email protected]

This is an honest game with a great bunch of guys and girls. Free food and drinks will be served. BYOB.

This is a great way to meet other poker lovers in the Philly area. We also take group trips to AC and split the tolls and gas. (we usually go to Trop/Taj?borgata/Showboat)

Game: 1/2 No Limit Holdem
Starts: November 14 2008 @ 9pm
Ends: Usually 5-6am sometimes 10am.
When: Every Monday, Wed, Fri, Sun
Age: 21-45
Players: 8-20
Rules: Borgata Rules

All races and ages allowed just be cool.


  • Hi,

    Your game sounds cool – I am not sure this blog post is the bets place for it though but we can leave it up – try posting a Classified ad for it
    or maybe post on the walls of some Philly players

    You could also set up an Event and invite all the Philly users to it (this would probably be the best)

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