I have heard from a lot of my friends from tournament boot camp and weekly poker group are playing on Merge and Cake networks. They keep saying its become pretty tuff to play on these sites cause they aint soft like they were before Black Friday.

Well since I have decided not to play on any of these sites is probably to many losing and breakeven players have made the same decision as me “why bother”
There’s no more fish and donkeys in the USA playing to make it worthwhile. Every pro in America along with thousands of grinders grinding it out at these sites make -EV.

The fact remains that our government could shut down these sites any time they please especially if they get bigger.. People are putting small amts of cash on these sites like a couple of hundred. To be honest I am not into putting at risk any cash in these sites. We still havent gotten our money from UB and Tilt (They havent said anything in a while SCARY)

Thanks goodness I live in Vegas and I can play live games anytime I choose. There does seem to be an influx of younger players at the tables these days. Dont be fooled by the fact that we’re in vegas, there’s thousands of online players here and now they have no choice but to hit the casinos and I for one plan to take their money.
There’s alot of discussion locally here regarding the ability to play live compared to online (Theres no HUD for tracking) and the lose agressive play wont work at these tables. It’s what I am counting on. Cya


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