Why Microgaming Poker Sites are the Best Option for Online Players

Why Microgaming Poker Sites are the Best Option for Online Players

Slots have become increasingly dominant in the UK’s iGaming market of late, accounting for nearly two-thirds (64.5%) of the online casino GGY.

Conversely, poker is responsible for just 5.9% of the total GGY, with this discipline having declined in popularity over the course of the last decade and experienced a sharp contraction since its halcyon days at the turn of the century.

Despite this, there remain a loyal base of poker players throughout the UK, with many plying their trade through the Microgaming network. But what advantages does this iconic network offer, and why is it such a sensible option for online players?

  1. Game Selection and Stakes

In many ways, Microgaming’s popular poker network is unique, primarily because it combines a number of individually obscure and less renowned sites within a single platform.

More specifically, there are 25 alternative skins included in this network, with the majority of small and independent poker rooms augmented by branded entities such as 888.com. 32Red and Betsson.

This offers players access to a vast array of games, including iconic titles like Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha and 7 Card Stud. At the other end of the spectrum, you can also access more obscure poker games such as 5 Card Draw, 5 Card Stud and Razz through Microgaming’s network, creating a diverse experience that suits a wide range of players.

To this end, players can also access a variety of different stakes at specific poker rooms and skins.

For example, some tables are accessible for as little as £0.01 per hand, whereas others enable you to stake as much as £200 or more every time you lay down your cards!

  1. Competitive and Variable Rakeback Deals

‘Rakeback’ is defined as a fixed percentage of total revenue that online poker sites return to players on a weekly or monthly basis.

This may or not be appealing to players depending on their individual philosophy and appetite for risk, and the good news here is that Microgaming’s poker network is home to sites that offer variable deals and percentages to competitors.

For example, several skins offer no rakeback at all to players, creating less competitive rooms and tournaments and desensitizing players from participating solely as a way of generating a percentage return on their stakes.

Conversely, the Betsafe Poker room (which remains one of the flagship skins within the Microgaming network) offers a fixed rakeback of 30% to its VIP players. This is calculated according to the precise T&Cs and amounts wagered, but it can result in a hefty payout for high-rollers and seasoned players.

Just remember to consider the rakeback on offer at a Microgaming poker skin before committing your bankroll, as this will have a significant impact on your gambling experience and guaranteed returns over time.

  1. Increase Your Chances of Winning by Targeting an Excess of Fish!

Thanks to the large number of relatively unknown poker sites within the Microgaming network, the average skill level of players here is surprisingly low.

More specifically, these sites are home to a vast number of so-called ‘fish’, with this term referring to inexperienced players who are prone to losing pots on a frequent basis.

This incentivises skilled and knowledgeable players to frequent the Microgaming network and exploit their lesser skilled opponents, enabling them to optimise their long-term gains without having to deploy an overly aggressive betting strategy.

In addition to the fact that many of Microgaming’s less well-known poker skins are home to a large number of fish, you’ll find a disproportionate amount at more established sites such as Mansion Casino. In fact, this skin is considered to be one of the best poker sites in the world for targeting fish. To this day remains a true Microgaming icon.

Once again, just remember to browse the available range of sites before making an informed decision, as targeting skins with the largest number of fish can be highly rewarding over a sustained period of time.


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