Which is Better for Your Bankroll – Poker or Sports Betting?

As most of you will know, no other game rivals the thrills and emotions that poker can provide. It is a game of wits that pits you against others as you all look to take down as many hands as possible.

You study everyone hoping to discover a tell or pattern in their play that might give you a sign of the cards they could be holding. Mathematics, odds, outs, pots, bet sizing, and blinds are running through your head at all times. All this with the sole goal of winning the hand whether or not you have the best cards!

That sense of beating, outsmarting, or simply out-lucking your opponents cannot be matched.

At the same time, sports betting creates a similar feeling. Your opponents are the bookmakers and predicting the correct outcome of a wager and coming out on top is hugely satisfying. We all love watching sports anyway, so having the ability to bet on them makes the occasion even more exciting.

The Question Is – Which is Better for Your Bankroll?

Well, the answer is obvious. Whichever you are better at. This will come down to the type of person you are and what you are good at. In a similar way to comparing the risks of poker and dating, there is no clear winner. Below we will take a look at which of the two might suit different people.

Sports Betting is Easier to Learn

Poker is a game that requires some special skills to be successful. Sure, anyone can have a lucky night, but long-term success requires a player to have the ability to read other players, a decent level of math, and the wisdom of when to push and when to fold.

Sports betting is easier because you just need an understanding of the sports you wager on and the ability to study form. You can even enjoy numerous bonuses. For example, you could just look for a no-deposit bonus at a new sport betting site and wager for free.

Poker is Better for Social Types

Your opponents are other people, so if you have solid people skills, there is a chance you could be good at poker. Being around people often allows you to read their emotions and how they think and act. These skills are hugely important for a successful poker player. If you know your opponents well enough, you can often predict what they will do at a poker table.

Sports Betting is Better for Fans of Sports

It seems obvious, but if you spend most of your time watching or playing sports, sports betting is likely to be the better choice for you. Having knowledge of the sports, teams, and players is an important ingredient when betting on sports. A sports fan will have an immense advantage over anyone else when sports betting. You might know that a certain team rarely performs well without their star player or if they have had to travel far to the event.

Poker is Better if You Have Patience and Endurance

Sports betting is very much a ‘pick up and play when you want’ type of gambling. Poker, however, involves long sessions at the tables or huge tournaments that could go on for days, if you want to be successful. This requires a big amount of patience and an even larger slice of endurance. You might think it is easy to sit for hours, but staying mentally focused for so long, really is not that simple.

And the Winner is – Neither!

Poker and sports betting are both hugely popular around the world, the latter especially since the legalization of sports betting was permitted at a state level in the US. They both offer entertainment and the potential to win money. It depends on the person as to which is the better choice for their bankroll.


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