Venetian Vs Orleans for Omaha

The best places to play OHL8 are either the Venetian or the Orleans. Here’s the difference and the similiarities.
It appears the Venetian is a larger room playing mostly 1/2 and 2/5 NL. They play Pot Limit Omaha high and high/low as the Orleans only plays low limit Omaha 4/8. They both rake 4.00 max but the Orleans has a nice jack pot while the Venetian does not.

The service at the Venetian seems to be getting better as it was pretty damn awful for the longest time. I was surprised for a saturday night there was one OHL8 table running and it was the only one till we broke the game at 1:30 a.m. The Orleans has atleast 4 tables going at peak times and min of two.

Both have a 1/2 kill and the HUGE difference is the the kill is based at the Venetian via a min of 40.00 in the pot while the Orleans is min 60.00 so the Venetian plays a bigger 4/8 than Orleans.

8/16 OHL8 is pretty normal at the Venvetian (had more tables than the 4/8 going last night) while it s occasional at Orleans.

The venetian has more local grinders and more tourist than the Orleans. The Orleans has more locals who dont play well at all and some tourists. The same applies to 4/8 holdem and 8/16 holdem (Venetian).

Bottom line I was disappointed at the Venetian last night and expected more players. The one table going was considered loose to medium tight. I hope this helps any one heading to vegas and looking for alternatives to NL. Cya


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    February 15, 2013 at 7:29 am

    – Love these Sam! New Orleans is one of my favorite pcaels and I feel you really captured them and their personaltiy in the city in these photos! What a perfect wedding. Awesome! Amazing my friend!

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