The Dream Became Reality 1


The ONLY forum that can guarantee $20k in Free Rolls EVERY MONTH!

Pimp Your Poker has been developed by poker players for poker players. No more running around to find the biggest free rolls, no more password hunting. No need to have 10 or more different poker accounts, just ONE will do.,

The founders of approached a very reputable poker site and pitched their idea – to have a forum that is all about the poker player, all about poker and of course all about the CASH.

Sure enough it was not long until we found a poker site that believed in what we were trying to do. So from a dream to reality, Pimp-Your-Poker is destined to be the premier poker forum on the internet with the creation of the best subscription based poker program available any where in the world.

No Risk

By removing all the risk involved in traditional online poker and offering a staggering amount of free play poker games monthly; Pimp-Your-Poker is poised to become an aggressive force in subscription based poker.

Low Monthly Membership Cost

Certain to please all levels of players from the freeroll lover to the high roller, members need only pay $10 per month in dues to enjoy unlimited, risk free poker at Big Daddy’s Casino and Poker Room. With the guaranteed monthly prize pools dictated by the number of members there is no limit to the amount of cash added games that will play monthly.

Professional Management Team

The PYP forum is staffed with a professional full time work force that will ensure players around the world of a consistent supply of great games available regardless of the time zone the member lives in. All levels of players are welcomed and with the vast amount of knowledge they will surely have an opportunity to increase their understanding and success in the games.

Huge Freerolls

Throughout the month as players post messages at the poker forum they earn points that will act as buy in cash to the actual games in the poker room. In a year from launch date, the top points scoring members will be invited to a special $25,000 free roll that will be held the 1st November 2009.

So much more than just Poker Free Rolls

Although this is the best place to find the biggest poker free rolls and free poker money, our vision is to create the greatest poker forum around. We want you to share your views, learn strategy, tell us about your winning hands and spread the word about this great game.

Big Daddys Casino and Poker Room – official poker room of Pimp Your Poker

Pimp your Poker will host all their games exclusively on BIG Daddy’s Casino and Poker Room.  Big Daddys is U.S. friendly and accepts players from all corners of the globe.

Everyone has the opportunity to get in on the action at Pimp Your Poker and BIG Daddy’s Casino and Poker Room.



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