Well to ensure i do not go broke again im starting to write all my progress to ensure that i do run 50 bucks up to 1k 2 times and lose it all when i run bad. Im 19 years old player poker for fun although i wish it could be more than that, dont pretty well live up around 6 k playing 1 2 with some old guys in Montreal at the casinos or various poker houses, but thats just easy money with a terrible rake. anyways through strict br management zero shots and just through rolled 4 tabling sngs, ii plan on turning 50 into 1 k again and hopefully build back up playing 6 max sngs ill keep everyone updated on how it goes. Reporting my progress here should keep me in line and not make me take any stupid quick shots high up, hopefully it works out. peace DBK


  • Avatar of rodders
    October 20, 2008 at 3:59 am

    Hey DBK – that sounds like a good plot! Keep us informed and I hope your bankroll grows and grows 😉

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