Tables That Would Correspond Your Style

A loose passive table is usually considered to be the most suitable for a beginner.

This kind of the table is characterized by the flop and non-aggressive betting (few raises or re-raises). And players can see that clearly. In those games they are playing starting hands with negative expected value and they are not protecting strong holdings throughout the pot, and by that means expected value is being missed out.

Nevertheless, there are some advanced players who give preference to the games which are loose and rather aggressive with much money filling the pot in throughout the hand on all sides.

Besides that, a certain type of higher-stakes players prefers to play in very tight and passive games. Their playing behaviour is unpredictable and aims to dominate and terrorize the game with the help of their aggressive table image and by robbing the blinds from the very beginning.

Very often it is enough only one of these wild players to set the whole table on tilt and change the style of game played. It’s so interesting to observe this phenomenon, especially when you are a part of it.

In order to simplify the life of the beginner, it is recommended for him to search the loosest tables possible with playing straightforward, moderately tight and aggressive game with stable results. Certainly, you will see a slightly higher unsteadiness (rises and falls) in the loosest games because there will be many drawing hands beating you on the last round.


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