is a scam

When you deposit money on they take the funds out of your acct immediately! however; when you want to withdrawl money from the site they make you wait over 2 months to get paid. they will send you a message stating your withdrawl has been processed after about 1-2 weeks. after approximately 2 weeks they will send you another email stating that your check has been processed. about 1 month later you will recieve another email stating that your withdrawl has been processed and you will recieve it in 10 days! they will then charge you $40.00 for this! the minimum cash out request is $500! i would recommend that anyone interested in playing poker online uses pokerstars or fulltilt where you will recieve your funds within 4-6 days!! there will be no charge from fulltilt or pokerstarsor this service and you may withdrawl as little as $50. if you decide to use you have just decided to freeze up your funds for quite some time!! is a joke of a poker site!!! they are fast to take your money but they dont have any desire to pay you until they feel good and ready! DO NOT MAKE ANY DEPOSITS ON SPORTSBOOK.COM!!!!!!!!!!


  • It is 100% rigged scam poker side don’t ever make a deposit it is just as bed as lock poker No meter what you do it make you loos I lost 67 hands in a row to 2 or 3 outs. Now left this scam for good for the love of the game this one is no good just trust me!!!

  • So these co.k suckers just sent me this email

    Hi Louis,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Your account was closed as we have evidence it was not being accessed from the address that was included on the sign up page therefore your credit card deposit has been refunded and you should receive the funds on the card that was used on 8-10 business days.

    We are always here to help you. Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any additional questions in relation to this or any other matter. Your reference ID for this email is LTK17134022451361X; please quote this number in any further communication on this subject.

    Kind regards,


    WTF so they are stealing all my winnings???? Its not even their money, they are stealing money from other people who LOST to ME!!!!!!!

    There has got to be some type of legal action I can take…

  • I wish I would have found this blog earlier, before putting my money in there. UGGGGHHHHHHH .
    cant we file a lawsuit… I mean there are so many of us that are screwed over by this site…

  • So I was doing a double at work last night, and decided to job a poker site. After looking I found and seemed like a decent site. I deposited $100 US with no problem, I was losing hand left and right with sets 2pairs (face cards) seemed like it was set up. So I took the last $50 bucks I had and played cash, started winning some decent pots. Got AA and was able to double up to like $250. Kept playing for a good 10 hours, and all of a sudden my screen goes to their log in page. I try to log in and I get “your account ahs been disabled” try it over and over and over again and nothing. Contacted customer service and OMG what a pain in the ass, they claimed that my IP address does not match the state of my physical address. I live in FLORIDA and they are saying im playing in MARYLAND!!!!
    SO I send them a copy of my utility bill wihth my name and address on it to prove where I live. Hoping I get this fixed and can get my money out, I was up over $500 bucks thati spend hours working on.

  • WOW – yes. I wish I would’ve read all these comments .. SPORTSBOOK DEFINITELY SCAM!!! Someone even warned me when I first played and was winning off some pretty lucky flops. As soon as you sign up, they boost your chances with ridiculous luck, then one or two bots will suck you dry and more. I never in my life had so many bad beats in a row… Going all in with trips Aces and a player matches 200 to catch a flush on the river… he had nothing off the flop!! “its Poker” would apply if this type of playing hadn’t occurred over and over again… WOW.

  • could and should be considered acts of terrorism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blackjack and poker is so rigged I cant believe anyone would ever put a penny into!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I wonder why our government can shut down others but not the worst one that is out here right now? who is getting all this money that is being stolen from everyone who is not a supersytem 40% er?

  • is nothing but total fraud ! they must be shut down!!!!!

  • This is the reply I received from them (see my comments above this one). I leave up to you to decide what to do with it. No comment.

    “Our management team have reviewed your account and have deemed that it will remain inactive. If you open any new accounts, with us or any related site, they will also be closed.

    As per our house rules, management reserves the right to revoke the agreement between the user and our site. If an account is closed per Management’s decision, all pending wagers will be graded as No Action.

    Management decision is final and no further correspondence will be entertained on this matter.

    Your recent deposits will be refunded and should be reflected in your card by the drop of the next billing cycle, usually 15 days but dependant on your card company.

    Do NOT reply to this email.

    Edwin Morris”

  • P.S. All my Hand History was suddenly cancelled from their website after I spoke to an agent about my complaint and observation.

    Be careful and be smart. Do not give a cent to this site.

  • Hell everyone,

    Please DO NOT USE Sportsbook. It is a SCAM!
    I am a math Ph.D. and I do understand something about randomness. I played several hands at Poker. Now I noticed that 25% of the times I get the exact same pair of cards in two consecutive hands! I played about 1000 hands. How do you think that is possible? I mean I understand once in a while, but so often?? No way.
    Please be aware and do not use this site. I asked for a refund and I will contact my credit card company if I do not get it.
    If you decide to keep playing, please take a note of how often you get the same pair in two consecutive hands!
    Good luck

  • sportbook scam me out of $1200.00, they send me a check and it was cash, and my bank tells me it’s a close account i got charge $12.00 from my bank and sportbook won’t send me another check because it’s now over 45 days. and they can’t see anything pass 45 days and i’m screwed… I and all my friends will never use this site again

  • ak5 flop i have 2 kings guy snap call with 68 off runner straight. same player did it twice to me. have had same experience i triple up flop set and loose to runner runner when the call makes no sense this is me goin all in on flop. Just not sure how you call with 8 high hoping for runner runner straight no backdoor flush or pair. Friends i play with at site same experience. Group of guys on that site they love 86 off runner runner draw to straight call for all the money. Between us over 50 times and never held up lol So yes they cheat. Sent them hand history for over 10,000 hands they hand no response. Crazy thing was still finished up money.
    They changes names and open new accounts each day i suspect.

  • Rob 2/22/13 – while I think that most of the people on this site are just sore losers (winners would still be playing instead of blogging – and yes, i felt scammed in a tourney hence me looking here, but now that i think more, how many times did I get “lucky”? it evens out like in life). But Rob, you are the best IF IF IF your story is true… in 2006 somebody stole your identity and “user name and created an account”? First, you don’t have a user name to be stolen unless you already had an account. But the best part is you are saying that your identity was stolen by somebody to create a sportsbook account? That’s what all identity theives have on the top of their lists, right? Next, IF IF IF somebody stole your identity and created a sportsbook account, it was a genius move to use your information to create an account on this site…. you’re just not smart period, therefore please don’t try to share your experience and advice as nobody should be listening to you. Thanks for the laugh – btw, let me know your id on there, we can setup a 1×1 game 🙂

  • Bought in for $200. Played NFL games and poker and my account was up to $701.

    Tried to log onto software and was having login issues. After an hour with support deleting and resinstalling several times they said that they found a past account from 2006 that had chargebacks of $600 and until I send them the money with a cashiers check etc they won’t release my account hold or my $700. I asked if they really felt that the chargebacks were mine why they didn’t subtract the money from my current winnings. They guy said the current winnings don’t count becuase of the past chargebacks. So basically they were never going to unlock my account. They were going to try and get $600 cash from me and also keep my $700 all to keep myelf from being blacklisted per the guy.

    When I said I could just chargeback the current $200 he said he would reverse that to me tomorrow to prevent the chargeback but I would be blacklisted along with any friends or family they can link to me which they will also block and try to recover the funds from their accounts.

    When I asked why they though the previous account was mine the guys said that they examined the playing style of they guy from 2006 and he bet similar in craps to how I bet a couple of times on this account. Low dollar $5.00 betts etc. What B.S.

    When he reminded me of the chargebacks from 2006 I remembered issuing those chargebacks from my bank when I realized someone had stolen my online identity and user name and created an account and stole $600 for this site with 3 $200 deposits along with lots of other things they bought from other sites. I got all that money back from the credit card. I just started online gamling this year on football games. I was suggeste to us sportsbook or bovada or one other one. I didn’t even think back to 2006 and the fraud committed against me. It wasn’t me and now I feel take advante of twice.

    At least last time I got the $600 back and this time I will at least get my deposit back. But I’m out all my winnings which total $501 in 3/4th of a football season.

    Wish I new the correct way to sue or bring charges against them for fraudulent practices.

    What I do know about working for an online billing service in the past. Chargebacks are the killer. The more chargebacks that you can issue against them the better. If they exceed a certain % they lose their merchant account with Visa/Mastercard. I will do my part to increase this % against them after this today.

  • same here. wanted a bet for super bowl placed the bet and won a few bucks. Godd luck trying to get money: they give you every excuse make you send in documentation tell you to call back when you do the person in charge is not there.


  • sportsbook is definitely a scam site. Very easy to get money in but almost impossible to get out. You would be better off setting your money on fire than depositing with these crooks.

  • this shit is a scam the worst hand preflop always wins!!!!!!!!!!the better your hand looks or gets the more of a chance to get upset by bullshit !!!!!!!!! people always will call u on turn with nothing even with bet well over pot!!!! only to hit a miracle on river every time!!!!!! will lose pocket kk everytime will lose aa wellover half time!!!never seen so many flush,straight,trip flops in same hand in all my life!!!!!if u have k high flush beware you will always lose to ace high everytime, but if u fold same hand player wins with a pair of 2 but have bet it very very hard!!!!!!! bad bad bad site. how bout getting beat with low end boats with player out of blinds and way out of position and calling any i mean any rediculous bet, then watch it happen over & over & over will make you sick!!!!!!this site will turn even the best poker players into the biggist fish!!!!last and not least i have never seen so many pocket pairs preflop to so many players ever, if u have pp then so does 5 out of 9 hands!!!! fucking joke of a site this shit shite sucks and is a scam worst poker ever hope people working here die of unknown diseases!!!!!!!oh yea dont even try to get your money that shit will never happen!!!!!and oh yea i got fed up in a tour and just plain quit didnt go all in just plain exited site only to wake up next morning log on to find i took second place really wtf is up with that i was in 77 out of 125 players when shut down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • if i go to hell, i will find these thieves and torture them forever. fucking cheats and thieves. i hope all employees die painful and slow. they hide behind their computers, wish i could get my hands on them, id tie them up, strap raw meat to their limbs, and little third world peckers, and feed them alive to rats

  • Hello All, So I have been playing on Sportsbook since I cannot play on PokerStars or Fulltilt. I have recently found Sportsbook and have been playing on it since Sept of 2012. The with-drawl method is 50 bucks at the most and no more than 2500 at a time.

    I have been speaking with an agent and that says: …….: The express Courier is juts the way that we send them is nothing special or faster.

    We got one free with-drawl a month and anything after that is $40.00 which is a house rule they say..

    Here is what they say about the payment methond

    (Our current timeframe for ‘checks/bank wire’ withdrawals is 6-8 weeks. Since the US government placed a lot of restrictions to the gaming industry last year, it’s not as easy as it was for us to send money as fast as we used to without compromising our customers, payment processors and financial institutions. I can assure you that we always do our best effort to process withdrawals as fast as possible. You will also receive a notification to your account as soon as your withdrawal request has been processed.)

    We all have to admit after the bust of the two best websites things have gotten difficult..

    About the”bots” in point that could be true and I have heard stories that players will logg of his or her account and let a pro log on from a different location and this is also why we cannot transfer funds anymore, PS and fulltilt really made things bad for us.

    We all have the choice to have a bot created so its a strange thing and scary thing to think about..

    Please feel free to email me
    [email protected]

  • I had a problem as well. I was at 2 cash tables then one froze and the other worked, I shut down the software then re entered and it worked. A little later I was at a 6 player sit n go super turbo and was chip leader at the same time I was playing a cash game. The sit n go then froze but the cash table continued to work. I tried shutting down the software and re entering but it wouldn’t let me, it said software is already running. Then I re started my computer when I got back in I had been blinded out. I then went on the website to do a live chat and then my entire computer just said it encountered a problem and shut down. I re started 3 times and my internet was down to my computer but not to any of my other devices, just my laptop which is 5 days old by the way.

  • I had a problem as well. I was at 2 cash tables then one froze and the other worked, I shut down the software then re entered and it worked. A little later I was at a 6 player sit n go super turbo and was chip leader at the same time I was playing a cash game. The sit n go then froze but the cash table continued to work. I tried shutting down the software and re entering but it wouldn’t let me, it said software is already running. Then I re started my computer when I got back in I had been blinded out.

  • Its a shame ive spent 19,000 with them over 3 years, never cashed out and they have barely ever given bonus that one should get with that kind of play and for that im done with them.Im sure if i had tried to cash out i woulda got screwed there too. STAY AWAY by scratch tickets at least you get a free ticket occationally GEEEEZ. Its funny 19,000 and they tell you there hasnt been enough activity WOW REALLY!

  • Not only is sportsbook horrible at paying off, i believe there site cheats also. Ever notice how the same players seem to get HELPED alot on this worthless site? They play anything and go all in with trash and know the site will HELP them. I never have made a deposit on this cheating site and encourage everyone to avoid this site at all costs, DONT EVEN BOTHER PLAYING AT THIS BOGUS CHEATING SITE!!!

  • This place is a scam straight up DO NOT DO IT! The 8 week thing is ridiculous and they have so many hidden fees like if you deposit under $200…I realized all this once I lost and tried putting more money in and it wouldn’t take my same card. The stupid live chat was telling me they have the machines are down SKETCHY! I would stay away and not make the same mistake I made and many others above me as well.

  • Ask when you purchase the teckit the expiration will be printed on the back of the teckit. You can always mail the teckit, they will send you a check(registered mail is a very good idea! and keep a photo copy of the teckit, just in case)I’m in LV several times per year so it has never been a problem, and I usually only bet on games that I’m actually watching. But, one time(years ago) I did ask about a futures bet(Super Bowl) and was told I had one year from the date of the event to cash the teckit(this may well have changed). Because I just ask(the experts) and was told it could vary from 60/90/120/etc days. Hope that’s not as confusing to you as it is to me ~Jack~.

  • Sportsbook is a SCAM!!! SEE BELOW!!!!

    Regarding our new Live Dealer and your recent plays, after checking your information, we can see that are owed $100 for IDs 279025, 279028, 279030, 279036 and 279044. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. These funds will be credited shortly.
    Should you require further assistance on this matter or any other, please don’t hesitate to reply to this message. Your reference ID for this email is LTK572014850963X; please quote this number in any further communication on this subject.



    Player Services

  • Sportsbook is a scam, need I say more. Go to and 2+2 once that forum comes back up. There is a heated discussion going about the Merge poker network. It turns out Merge has a bunch of players that play for free, they basically give these people free tournament tickets and they get to keep 40% of the winnings and Merge gets to keep 60% of the winnings IN THEIR OWN TOURNEY. Basically Merge created a bunch of superuser accounts and handed them out to some monkeys and promised them a 40% cut (gee, wonder if they’ll ever see any of it). In case you weren’t convinced by playing there, ITS FIXED!!!! Just check out the poker forums.

  • poker room is a scam there are bots sitting in multiple rooms waiting to take your money they may allow you to win a little but if you stay too long they take back what they loss and everything you have. They are taking peoples money if we get the word out to people to stop using this site and to delete there site we can put these bastards out of buisness lets make it happen guys!

  • So, just read all these threads after I’ve given “Live Casino” a lot of my money. I just sat down and started playing but have recorded all the hands the dealer has been pulling and they go like this: 21,21,20,20,19,Black Jack,19,17,18,18,19,18,19,Bust,20,21,21,17,Bj,18,Bust,20,BJ,20,21,Bust,18,20,Bust, Bust,Bust,BJ,BJ,20,20 It’s funny how the video of the cards is blurry so you can’t see your cards but your screen shows you them before the video does……SCAMMMMMM

  • These guys ain’t lying sports book is a scam. When you win they will try and delay your payment. They are hoping you get tired of asking for your money and start playing again until you lose it. Stay away from the scam poker bots and big bad beats!!!

  • sportsbook poker is so fucin rigged. They have a black list if ur on that list your fucd in poker. won alot of money first year second year i losse in the most ridiculous manner u could imagine suc out after suc out

  • just the fact u have to wonder would make it a psychological disadvantage. no site ever makes it easy on any level. period. all crap to go thru. that’s the best it gets so the best isn’t good enough. right?! They cheat, players collude and use bots, and the payout structure is always extremely difficult and expensive. They always have a double standard. They don’t care.

  • it’s rigged. a flat joint. period. all internet poker is suspect because it can’t be protected. itsa mute point. go to a casino. r u stupid?

  • People please save your money and don’t buy into their live casino is 100% rigged. i lost about $25,000 playing in it. I was playing $1,000-$2,000 hand and getting dealt 20’s and 21’s and i noticed that every time the support came to my table to observe the dealer would mysteriously pull the impossible 21’s . 3 hands in a row i was dealt 20 and dealer always hit 21. i think it could be some sort of predetermined outcome casino where they play a video of a losing hand that you bet on.

  • I recently won $14,000 on in the poker room. I asked for a wire transfer withdrawal… they have told me it will take 4-6 weeks. The confirmation page told me it would take 5-7 business days. Reading all of these stories makes me very worried… I have deposited a lot of money on the site and now wish I hadn’t besides the recent withdrawal. I talked to a manager after lecturing the operator and he said I should have the wire transfer in a two week time frame. What should I do?

  • is a joke. I have NEVER had a problem with them until the last month. They have sent me 2 checks that I deposited but were then returned from the bank. It’s really shitty when you have $650 one day, and the next day it’s gone….especially when rent is due. I spoke with someone tonight on the phone and they told me to have the money wired and I am hoping that will finally solve the issue. TWICE in one month is ridiculous.

    I really hope the 3rd time is the charm. They told me 5-7 days once they process my email which apparently takes 48 hours. Bullshit.

    So frustrating.

  • I wish I did my research prior!! I just signed up yesterdY to I login today to find my account is disabled. I asked them via live chat why and they did the document request bs. I said fine I don’t want to do this just refund my money and close my account. Their reply was I NEED to send documents first. NO CHANCE!! to require these document for someone using their site and withdrawing winnings is one thing but to require this from someone who does not is bullshit x10. I will be contacting my visa and putting in a fraud claim

  • I’d have to agree with the rhetoric that is a scam. I was out of funds, and threatened the live chat people that I was going to leave to a different site unless they gave me a bonus or something, so the agent finally said that I could have a $33 coupon for a tourney. The first thing i said when I bought into this tourney was “Ok, I know I am just wasting my time here, because I’m playing with a tournament coupon issued to me by sportsbook, i know they are just going to make me lose”. This i typed in capital letters so that everyone on the table could see. I proceeded to have the MOST amazing luck, and ended up getting 3rd place, winning $600.

    I was pretty happy with this, and decided to keep playing, which was the biggest mistake I could have ever made. I played 100max Omaha, and 6, no exagerration 6 times I had my money allin on the flop or turn with the nuts, and my opponent down to a 3 outer, and EVERY SINGLE TIME they hit. That $600 disapeered in a matter of 1 hour. I am a very good poker player, and typically do very well, but these situations that I was put in, EVERYBODY ON THE PLANET would have pushed allin as well….for example, I had KKQJ and the board came K22. I bet and was raised on the flop, and i three bet, and the other player pushed allin with A2, turn card was A, river was A. Another example, i had 8910J, the flop came 678, I bet and was raised, I reraised and again the other guy pushed allin with 8910Q, turn was a blank, and river was a J.

    I’m NOT a conspiracy theorist, and completely understand that there is variance in a game like Omaha…but never in my life have I suffered such ridculous beats time after time after time. SPORTSBOOK.COM IS A SCAM, NEVER EVER PLAY THERE OR ON ANY OF THE MERGE NETWORK SITES.

  • Been a member since 2002, and never had a problem until they started requiring all the extra documents. Once they got the documents it took about 3 weeks for that check. Ever since then it has been back to about 1 week for the check with no problems. I don’t play poker, so I don’t know about that site. I only use this sportbook and feel 100% comfortable.
    The company is publicly traded (London exchange I think), perhaps there is some recourse for those that feel cheated there.

  • What do you expect when you play on a site licensed in Antigua and clicking on their license banner it appears their license has expired. Always check the license before playing on any site, stick to UK, Isle of Man, Alderney or Gibraltar.

  • This site is among the worst . I was sucked in after reading reviews about all the fish .
    Yes there are plenty of fish however you will constantly get sucked out on this site.
    The software is not the best and the random number generator is a joke. They also wont tell you when you deposit money viz credit card you will be charged a foreign exchange fee. As bad as Full Tilt and Poker Stars are I will take them over Sportsbook every day .
    I did not deposit much , I am done to my last $ 50 which I will just bet away and chalk this one up to a real bad decision .

  • i guess the truth hurts guys now since i posted they have frozen my account and warned me that they were trained to take my money. well thats what theives do they have ways to take ur money whether u play good or not cheating bastards. well i got two things to say to whomever read this and froze my account fuck you and ur god damn momma u fucking theives have a nice day homo

  • if you decide to use you have just decided to freeze up your funds for quite some time. Keep in mind that these guys are trained to take your money.

  • god damn theives all they are good luck if u play ur gonna need it and then a sign fron god to get ur money

  • sportsbook poker is NOTHING BUT A GOD DAMN SCAM PERIOD. i hope the president passes so many laws that they cant even have a damn site fucking place sucks worse than full tilt and thats real bad. so if u dont beleive me try it yourself but dont put anything on there that your not willing to lose because u will thats a fucking guarantee.

  • Thanks guys for the heads up. I was one click away from making a deposit and I’m sure glad I found this post.

    Gee…I guess most if not all sportsbooks are scams. Screw it…I won’t gamble…lol

  • well I got my $500 sent via bankwire from Took about 7 days for them to process, then it was deposited in about a day.

    No problems here, but I switched to and I am due a bundle so we will see how this goes.

    Good Luck to the rest of you.

  • I signed up a few days ago and went to deposit cash today. While looking for coupon codes, I stumbled across this site. Thanks to you all — I’m closing my account there ASAP.

  • I turned $100 into $500 on betting on NBA playoff games and sent them all the documents. They said all was approved and I requested a withdrawal by wire transfer.

    We’ll see if I get it. I will report back in a 7-10 days and let you all know. But I am kinda worried now after reading the comments here.


  • Thank you people for the info. I was thinking of opening an account with but in researching them I found this website. is not getting any of my money, they are definitely ripoffs
    judging from all these complaints from different people. Fuck you !!!

  • They are a total scam. Don’t waste your money here. They work to suck you dry as much as they can. You will never win any money, and if you do and manage to hold on to it, it will be hell in getting anything. Go to a real casino if you want to gamble.

  • Wow!?! a lot of hate here.

    It is quite simple. They require ID to ensure you are who you say you are. They require a utility bill to ensure that your current address is what you say it is. They require a photocopy of the credit card you deposited with to ensure that you are not using a stolen card.

    You give them the three things above and you usually have your withdraw within 14 days max. I often get withdraws deposited directly into my bank account in less than a week.

    Hope this helped.

  • I am having problems with they are pulling the same shit as above. shaddy shit-driver license and utility bill to pull money out etc. my gut is telling me this is a scam. Fuck them i am going to my credit card and reverse the charges. I won’t send them a fucking thing-stick with your local bookie-this is shaddy.

  • I made some good bets and got my account up to $800. I withdrew $200 and they disabled my account saying I had a “credit” that I owed for $150 from 2007. After argument, I said take it out of my balance. The said that they needed “new” money. They screwed me out of it all!! DO NOT USE SPORTSBOOK.COM!!!!!!! You have been warned!

  • And I thought it was just me. Need a new Wet Saw so I Put a 100 in and made some easy NFL picks and had it up to 500 in a couple of days. Wanted to cash out and couldn’t. Said they needed ID, Utility Bill, all this stuff which I game them. Said they couldn’t read it and needed me to re-send it. Tried at least 4 times without any luck. Finally just game up and made all kinds of dumb bets and lost it all in a day. This site sucks….

  • They have had over $1000 of mine for the past few weeks they wont unlock me i keep been verified. Can someone help the following questions:

    1. Can you sue them or bring legal action to this?
    2. Do you eventually get paid?
    3. Can they empty your bank account out with the information they have?

  • I’m laughing my head off at you guys because when someone screws me, guess what? I screw them back 20x over. I won a huge tournament on , over 17K . I decided to cash out 5K immediately. Guess what? Same story as others, took forever to get it withdrawn then processed then some other bullshit. And I did get the checks, and they bounced after waiting 2 months for the check. So I decided to withdraw more….to no avail. I spent hours on the phone, I’d call them up all the time and tell them I want to shut down my account and then I told them the ONE THING they did not want to hear. I told them, Dont you worry people, Anthony is going to get his money back . Don’t you worry, I’ll be calling my credit card company. And guess what? In about a month, I ended up getting all my money. But guess what else I did, I called up my credit card company, had them go back 12 months to every single deposit I ever made with those guys and exaplained how it was fraudulent charges. The credit card company refunded me every penny I ever deposited, and not only did not get one penny from me, I got it from them. Fuck and fuck ever site that fucks with you. If they mess around, claim it as a fraudulent charge and you will get your money back from your credit card company.

  • i was playing a tourney and a player kept getting angry when she would lose. she started saying that she worked for sportsbook and that she’d show everyone. well i swear she got bullets at least twice within 5 hands. it was ridiculous. she went on a rampage with crazy cards. She may have been bluffing but her freaking cards made it seem otherwise. Plus I agree…I have asked players how they can make stupid calls or bets and they never reply. Is it no balls or just sportsbook at its best?

  • I kow what you guys are saying in teh last 24 hours I lost tournys to guys who were 2% on teh flop and they hit it everytime

  • This site is a scam and a ripoff. I didn’t get my $75 bonus….only got bad tech service. We all need to blog this site to shut it down.
    I already called my credit card company about them. BBB is next.

  • Sportsbook has a 20% referral bonus wherein if someone refers you, then you and the person who referred you get a 20% bonus. I got referred, deposited $1000 and got a $200 bonus. I got lucky playing blackjack and won some money — then disabled my account for bonus abuse!!!! I had outstanding sports bets and they said they were keeping the money even if I won the bet!!! has great customer service….if you lose…but if you happen to win, watch out! They will rip you off!

  • I didnt mention in that hand i was in with MadVillainy where he called off 500 with AQ high on a 6-3-2 , I had KK. just to clear that part of it up

  • Again…This Poker site is fixed and good luck cashing out! Easier to fly to Vegas and play for real!

    Ps..also lots of Russian players talking to each other in Russian? What are they saying??? who knows>>?

  • played for a couple days and turned 200 into 1500. Try to withdraw and they gave me the whole 2 forms of ID crap. so i sent them the info and after 3 days of waiting and trying, i decided to play and then took the worst string of cards ive ever seen and ive been playing for 8 years. A player by the name of MadVillainy was responsible for alot of it. On a flop of 236….he bet 125 and i raised all of it which was around 750 and covered his 500 and he called immediately…….IMMEDIATELY with AQ…….Turn card is an Ace. I happen to notice that he was 3 tabling with about a grand on each table……..And the funny part is …..his play was consistently horrible, calling for gutshots and overcards and hitting them. No doubt in my mind that something isnt right and that an investigation needs to be done….. just dont know how to do it.

  • When you ask players why they made such a call? No reply?ever…

    Someone at sportsbook is raking it in!! I hope evey employee gets cancer…then beats it…then gets it again…

  • is a scam. Like everyone said, they make every little excuse to pay out. And the longer that take, the more of your winnings you spend because you’re frustrated and can’t do nothing with the money. I won 2000 from sports bets and tried cashing out but they made excuses about needing to submit documents, I did 4 times but to no avail. My fourth time was today, so I should hear a response tomorrow if approved. From that 2000, i lost 1000 to their scammed online casino. I played black jack and literally there was a period where they won 50 times and I won less than 5. And when I decided to raised my bets seeing that I lost so many in a row, they would still beat me. I also noticed the screen glitches alot like someone is watching waiting to change the cards on the fly. Total rip off. It’s just frustrating because their method of withdrawls are shameless. I hope I get approved tomorrow and withdraw my 1000, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they made another excuse.

    Their online games are rigged. I just wish there was a way to prove it and lock them up. I know we cant get our money back, but them going to jail would suffice.

    Everyone stay away from, unless you like playing for monopoly money.

    F-Ck you

  • always poker cheat, every thing possible but winning, 10 times you loose with 2kings inyour hand, always 2cards possible flush, never make it, 2jacks loose to 2 sevens all in then, house put table 234 +5+6, and straight fixed at the end of a tournament. Note you have to bet wen you have 2 kings !! you’r tired of many hands of 27-28-38-47-29-.. then given good hand 2 kings to take your money.. its a fraud, i think the other player betting against you is the poker system itself..

  • pokertime mico gamming is a scam it dose not pay off U.S.A. players the check is lost in the mail .then wants your personle bank info ya wright POKERTIME MICO GAMMING IS A SCAM

  • Didn’t get screwed for money, but my when I tried to login the day after they claimed my details were wrong and disabled my account after only the second attempt (even banks give you 3-5 tries).

    To restore it I have to provide copies of bank statements, passport/driving license, and the front and back of credit cards and then they’ll tell me what’s going on with the account.

    I haven’t even used the account yet, so I’ll be damned if I’m doing all of that. That’s more than a bank will ask for and it’s more than enough steal my identity. And with all these stories I’m hearing now about people being screwed?

    Fuck Sportsbook. Good riddance.

  • this site is a joke bot infested tease they allow you to win and dont pay you out because they want you to loose it al back and co-incidently it allways happens I tried a 500$ withdrawl cause i wanted to get off the site 2 days later they denied it wanting me to send them photo id credit card and bill with billing address, everything they need to steal my identity they even claim that they may withdrawl your winnings back to your credit card, but they do not they make no sence and theyre run by identity stealing pakies and the charge for withdrawling is just bloody rediculas

  • Trash sportsbook. I have been trying for 3 weeks to “qualify for a right to withdraw funds. To no avail. It is obvious that they will try to wear you down and that you will finally give up. Not me. I have promised themthat i and my friends will do scam bloggs until my withdrawal right is established. I will not place a bet during this period. BIlly Tucker

  • “Chip Dumping” – what’s the definition of this anyway? Surely if I want to give away all my chips to someone I can?

  • Fuck sports book. I won 600 dollars on their by playing poker and making bets, and when i tried to cash out they wouldn let me. So then I played my friend heads up and eventually lost all my money to him. We messed around thinking either way one of us would eventually get the money. The next day both our accounts were disabled, they claimed I was chip dumping, and I never saw a penny. What a fucking joke.

  • you are blaming George Bush! haha, you worthless idiot… Anyway I was also scammed by, with a click of a mouse you can deposit money but to get a withraw from them you have to send picture ID, water billl that shows residence and after that you still might not get your money. To deposit money nothing needs to be done… HUGE SCAM, Stay away!!!

  • I did – it took about 13 weeks but they sent a check and it cleared. the book is way to big to re nig on payment. I do wish they would add some other payment options tho as 2 1/2 months is way to long.

  • well do you get your cash out? i been waiting 21/2 months for 3,000, they said 8 weeks…. this sucks man am i gonna get money

  • well do you get your cash out? i been waiting 21/2 months for 3,000, they said 8 weeks…. this sucks man am i gonna get money

  • Sportsbook is a scam, they stole 14K from me, claiming there was a glitch with thier blackjack tables

  • While it does take time for to process checks I have always received them free of charge via FedEx once a month. The time it takes is hit or miss. Sometimes its within a week, sometimes it does take up to 6 weeks but you can thank George Bush for that. With the passing of the new laws it is hard for sportsbooks to find banks that will process their checks. They are constantly working to find new banks that will accomodate them. I don’t think intentionally holds payment, it just takes time to find banks to cut their checks. This will happen as an online gambling site becomes bigger and bigger as the watchdogs watch them more closely.

  • >