Should You Use a Card Shuffler in Your Home Poker Games?

How many times have you been at a poker game only to see the same cards on the flop hand after hand? This is usually followed by subtle digs at whoever dealt the hand or looks of disbelief as yet another flush draw for hearts presents itself in the center. One of the main problems with home poker games is the lack of skill and consistency when it comes to dealing. Players usually take it in turns to deal, and there can be gulfs in expertise between one player and the next. For this reason, it would make more sense to invest in an electronic card shuffling machine for your next game.

The Best Way to Replicate Online Poker Deals

Many modern poker players learn the trade online before playing live games, and any guests that come round to your home poker games will be used to fast and efficient deals which are always completely random. This is because poker games online use random number generators which ensure that each deal is fair. This is one of the many features that comes when players download the free poker software to their computers. In addition to that, they have access to hundreds of different games.

RNG has been used to good effect in the online gambling industry and has quickly become a trusted method of dealing cards along with spinning roulette wheels and slot machines. They meet the requirements of statistical tests for randomness which measure how unpredictable results are. In face-to-face games, the best way to replicate this form of dealing would be through the use of a card shuffler.

Players Never Deal at Casinos

Along with imitating the efficiency and randomness of the online deals, using a card shuffler can also give home poker players the feeling that they are taking part in a game at a casino. At poker games in gambling houses, there is always a dealer in charge of the action, and this helps with the consistency of the shuffles and the deals. At a home poker game, you could still take it in turns to deal, but use the shuffling machine to emulate the dexterity of a dealer’s shuffle.

No Room for Cheating

There is unlikely to be any cheating going on at a friendly home poker game, but to remove any suspicion of dishonest card mechanics – such as rigging a deck and dealing specific cards to certain players – use an electronic card shuffler. It can ensure that these skilled magicians are unable to place the cards in the way they desire. This, in turn, adds to the legitimacy of the game and will make every player at the table feel comfortable.

If you haven’t already got a card shuffler for your home poker games, it is a small investment that could go a long way to improving the way the cards are dealt. Not only will it help to simulate the randomness found online, but the consistency will also be similar to a table at a casino.


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