Rakeback – Good for You and Good for Poker

A player that has poker as an occupation, a professional player, needs to be in a game where there is a lot of money in action. And the favorite type of money is the dead type, which is money owned by bad players who have no, or little chance of being winners in the long run. Those players provide the professional poker players with their income.

It is commonly known that over 90% of the players online actually loose money from playing poker. This may sound strange to a lot of people. Many think that 50% of the players online are winning and 50% are losing, but that is not true. It could never happen because the house takes rake from every pot. Rake is the fee that players pay to be in a hand, and it is deducted from every pot. If a player wins a $100 pot he will get maybe $97, and the poker room will keep $3. Money is constantly leaving the game.

Nowadays players are able to get some of their raked money back, this is called rakeback. It is a percentage of the total raked amount that is refunded to the players’ poker account. Poker rakeback is great for poker for two reasons.

  1. As a player you “earn” money. You get money back that would be gone if you wouldn’t play with a rakeback offer. Rakeback is of course something that all players should use.
  2. It is also good for poker in a greater sense. As I said earlier, good poker players want to have a “poker community” with a lot of money, preferably dead money. When the money is raked and ends up in a poker company it is gone from poker. But if players have rakeback deals at least some of the money will come back to the game. When the money is back in the game it can be wagered again, and the better players get “a new chance” to win it.

As long as the rake is as high as it is today it is very good that players are able to get rake back offers. It will provide the player with some extra money and there will be games where the good players can benefit from the fact that money has come back into the game.


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